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Well, I decided to take a break from homework and post some news, so here is the latest from around the community!
  • CNCDen has a new ZH map to download.
  • RADen has two new YR maps to download.
  • The Imperial Assult mod team is looking for a mission creator to work on the Rebel campaign.
  • CNCNZ Has a bunch of new maps for various C&C games available to download.
  • Vietnam Reborn has a number of new textures and wallpaper that they have to check out.
  • The Epic Generals mod has been released.
  • Red Alert: ReGeneration has a pair of new wallpapers up for download.
  • CNC Unleashed is looking for some new staff to fill various positions.
  • The Polish CNC site, CnC Reactor has a new ZH wallpaper up for download.
  • C&C RenEclips has tons of new models to download.
  • Pirated Studios has released some new shots of an infantry unit and building for their CNC Pirates mod.
  • The C&C World Rebellion mod is undergoing some major changes, and they have an ingame picture of the RAC Ariete Tank.
  • CNC Files has some new downloads like usual.
  • Renegade Alert has several updates including a picture of the Soviet Tesla Tank.
  • The Tiberian Sun: Total War has been released and is available at thier site which has a full list of mirrors.
  • Project Perfect Mod has updated their site with some ingame pictures of the upcoming mod Return Of The Dawn 2.4.
  • The D-Day mod has pictures of 6 new units in their mod.
  • CnC World Conflict has six new models up to check out.
  • Battletech Generals has updated thier mod with pictues of a new airfield.
  • Renegade: A New Hope has updated thier site in areas like the staff page. They also have a new staff member and have lost one of their other staff members.
  • YR Argentina has some new voxels.
  • Mental Omage a YR mod in the community and has an ingame picture of the Shadow Tank.
  • With the merging of the Blitzkrieg 2: The Finest Hour mod, they have several new 3D unit models.
  • C&C An Act of War mod is showing off the Avenger, a new unit that is a work in progress.
  • C&C Tomorrow has a new staff member and has merged their forums.
  • The Frontline18 mod team has released a number of new screenshots and have fired a staff member for theft.
  • GenDev Has a bunch of new models to check out.
  • The Cold War Crisis mod team has released pictures of it's new TU-95 "Bear".
  • CnC Source has released Afganistan Beta2.
  • C-GEN has a new YR mission to download.
  • CNC Central has a couple of new Firestorm maps to download.
  • CnCReplaysis still having thier replay competition for those who are interested in competing.
  • MooMan's Corner has been updated with news of lunar retexturing.
Wow, this has got to be one of my biggest news posts ever! Thats the latest from around the community. Enjoy!

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