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» TGTW Mod Controversy

Seems a little lying and stealing has taken place within the The Great Trench War mod team. Squire James, one of the staff memebers, first reported that the mod was to be put on hold indefinitely.
"Due to differences of opinions, the TGTW Team has gone its seperate ways. There is a small splinter group that is trying to continue production under the name but TGTW is quite firmly closed. The team may start again sometime in the future but personal lives and such are complex at the moment so the situation is difficult."
This however, was soon to be debunked by the official site team itself.
With immediate effect, SquireJames is excluded from the Frontline18 team. He looses all rights and privileges of a team member. The reason for the immediate kick from the team is yet again a demonstrable theft of content from other products. In the past year he already was caught stealing content from BF1918 and TGW. And now again, he attempted to implement textures and models from a different game into TGTW, and pass them on as his own work.

The Frontline 18 Team respects the copyright of others and detaches itself from the actions of SquireJames in all its form.

All Airplane content posted in the past days, was identified as stolen material. We apologize for these occurrences and we will immediately remove all stolen contents from TGTW.

The failed attempt of SquireJames to delete part of our FTP content failed due to our backup system and shows yet again the clear deficits of character this person seems to suffer from.

Because of the inglorious departure of SquirreJames we need support in terms of modeling and texturing for TGTW. If interested please contact Gamma or Leonidas.
So good news that this great mod will not go to waste and that a no talent thief is exposed as well. Not only that, but now there is an opporunity for a new modeler or texture maker to join in on this fantasic mod. More information is available (Thanks CNCDen).

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