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» Massive Red Alert 3 update!

Upon visiting the main Red Alert 3 site, I was pleasantly surprised at the massive redesign and update.

Red Alert Flashback Trailer

EA has created a movie reliving the best moments from Red Alert 1 & 2 (and that Yuri's Revenge fiasco). As most of you know from reading my latest article I'm a huge fan of the plot/storyline of Red Alert 1, which sadly Westwood/EA deviated from in Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge and from all accounts Red Alert 3 as well. Let's just hope that Red Alert 3 (like Red Alert 2) makes up for it with great gameplay. Oh yeah...about the movie it's definately worth a watch, which you can view here (sorry no fancy embedding this time).

3 New Red Alert 3 screenshots

They can be found (along with the seven screenshots and Hell March Trailer I posted the other day) on EA's media page. Items of note are the first glempse of units from the Empire of the Rising Sun. More specifically the King Oni, which appears to be some sort of advanced assault Mech (kind of reminds me of NOD's Avatar Mech from C&C Tiberium Wars). So head there and check them out!

Faction Updates!

And last but not least we get a much needed update on each of the factions, which basically amounts to a description of the side and a list of their units, although not all the units have been released yet (obviously an EA ploy to string us along with incremental updates, oh well). Expect EA to release information on about 2-3 per week.

Well it is definately an exciting time to be a Red Alert fan. So be sure to subscribe to our RSS Feed and register in our forums. Feel free to discuss below.

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