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» CNCSeries.Com Tournament II Over - Video Replay

After a few months, the CNCSeries.Com Tournament II is finally over. Well done to all members who participated - you will all receive 25 reputation points in the next few days. The runner up will receive 50 points, whilst the champion receives 100 points and a unique champions medal.

Participants: rfc2005, saber07, ukdevil, Paul, Rob, bigguy563, Jeremy

The final was played between Chris and jacko3334, who were both strong favourites from the beginning of the tournament. I believe that Jacko was the bookies favourite, due to his excellent quick match form in recent months (including a top 10 finish in December). However, Chris also boasted a 16th place in the December ladder, so it was always going to be a nail biter.

The final took place on South Pacific, Iraq Versus Iraq. After several scuffles, Chris' early aggression paid off - thanks to 4 or 5 war factories, plus making Jacko defend, he eventually had too much for Jacko to cope with. Thus, Chris assumes the title of site champion, taking over the reins from the previous winner Mads who was sadly unable to defend the title.

View VideoA streaming video of the match is available (thanks to Chris), complete with sound. This is quite unusual for Red Alert 2 - only a few games have ever been recorded. The video is available for download for members only (given its size of 26mb). It provides first hand evidence of how top players play - this time you don't have to read about what happened: you can see it.

Once more, congratulations go to Chris - as well as to all those who participated. Many battle reports were written for the various tournament games. You can find information about the respective rounds of the tournament by visiting the Red Alert 2 section of the Forum.

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