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» Zero Hour Advanced Mapping Program

At last, the project to which I and two other equally contributing authors (W3bo and Minh) have been working on for the last month or so is ready. The Zero Hour Advanced Mapping Program (aka Zero AMP) allows the addition of numerous newly coded assets (we take care of that part) to the World Builder without the program being needed to play maps made by it. Better yet! Everyone is invited to submit their suggestions or helpful ini code in the Zero AMP Forum to be added for the next Zero AMP asset update! And it doesn't stop there, the best Zero AMP created maps submitted to cncseries will be included in the updates so as to share inspiration!

Here's a brief description of what the first version of Zero AMP includes...
  • Enabled unused civilian buildings, note that only some have full damage/snow state gfx.
  • Enabled dozens of unused props.
  • Enabled 2 unused terrain textures and one texture that was disabled in Zero Hour.
  • Enabled unused civilian vehicles, China and GLA POW trucks and the beta version scorpion light tank.
  • Enabled Upgrade Activation system.
  • Added 3 new Tech Artilleries, Nuke, Chemical and Laser.
And that's only a taste of things to come, some things which we have planned are...
  • More Tech Buildings, e.g. Tech Secret Lab, Tech Radio Station.
  • Blood effects for infantry deaths.
  • Special modified vehicles to be only preplaced on maps or distributed through tech buildings.
  • Dozens of particlesystem objects, e.g. fog, drifting fog, fire, smoke, etc.
To use Zero AMP simply download it, intsall it in any directory you wish, click to update Zero AMP after the install (Its absolutely essential) then activate the launcher on the desktop and click 'Start WorldBuilder'. Head here to download: ZH Advanced Mapping Program.

NOTE: Before downloading Zero AMP you must verify whether you have v1.1 of the .NET Framework installed. You can verify this and install it if necessary at the following link: Microsoft .Net Framework V1.1

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