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» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)12:27 21.08.06
Unhappy Currys might not be getting any PS3's at all, i might have to pay full price for one elsewhere. Noooo.

» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)11:52 09.08.06
Compatibility issures with current games? I'm not sure what you mean. Please explain.

» Israel (View)18:48 05.08.06

Originally posted by bigguy563...
Firstly, Israel does have nukes. Second, if countries like Syria and Iran were able to beat Israel in a conventional war, they would've done it by now. If I recall correctly, a group of nations declared war on Israel after it got its independence and absolutely got their clocks cleaned.

I do believe you are right about that. Egypt, Syria and at least 2 others i believe were all beaten by Israel in that war.

» Israel (View)09:53 01.08.06
You really need to think about what you are saying Raptor, all you are doing is insulting the Israeli people when you clearly do not understand the situation they are currently in.
The debate forum is for people who wish to have serious, non-judgemental debates about world issues, you have to be open to other peoples opinions.
Perhaps you should not post in this thread anymore.

» Israel (View)11:17 31.07.06
So it is your belief that all they actually want to do is kill Muslims?
I would have to disagree, especially when you consider that there are undoubtedly some Muslims within Israel itself. Israel just seems to have a policy of shoot first, ask questions later. Most of the problems they have the try to solve thorugh military action.

» Israel (View)14:42 27.07.06
No doubt you have all heard about the conflict between Israel and Lebannon, with the main aim apparently being to destroy Hizbollah (sp).
I'm just insterested in your opinions on the matter. Are Israel right to be pursuing this particular course of action or do you believe that they should cease their military actions and resolve thier issues via politicians.
I personally feel that it started out with a noble cause, to rescue the two soldiers that were kidnapped by Hizbollah guerillas, but it has now escalated to a state that cannot be allowed to continue, especially when you consider the civilian casualties involved.

» who likes AVP? (View)14:10 26.07.06
Well if i'm correct then he is talking about Alien Versus Predator games, as in the film characters. There was an AVP film a few years back. They are normally RTS i believe.

» who likes AVP? (View)21:37 24.07.06

Originally posted by Tsunami_Tank...
(oh and Ash, please don't make a post on this thread thank you).

Lol how is that even allowed? Oh how things have changed.
Oh and AVP games never really appealed to me, what drew you to them?

» where to download the game (View)21:25 24.07.06
Im almost certain you can't download the whole game, could even be illegal Confused Some of the others will know for sure.

» Which side will you play? (View)13:02 24.07.06
Having always been a fan of the 'good guy', i'll have to play as GDI but obviously i'll learn NOD tactics and such for on-line play.
There is always the possibilty of playing as the third side i've been hearing about though.

» Considering a Return (View)13:52 23.07.06
I've noticed that it's a lot quieter around here, several of the main posters seem to have dissapeared i.e Chris. Is this happening in the whole CnC community?

» Considering a Return (View)15:52 21.07.06
Some of you may remember me, mostly the 'old timers' like Ash, back when i was know as Rawlett.
Anyways, i've been out of the gaming community as a whole for several months now but have recently finished my A levels and have more time on my hands and as such i am considering a return to the community, it is unlikely that RA2 will be re-installed but ZH probably will. I've also gotten slightly into DoW: Winter Assault lately, anyone play that?
So 'old timers' am i welcomed back?

» How long have you been in the community? (View)15:44 21.07.06
I joined slightly before Chris iirc, under a different nickname. Who remembers that? But i've been 'in' the community on and off for about 3-4 years now i'd say.

» what are u doing this summer? (View)15:40 21.07.06
Working mainly, i'll take as many hours as i can get, need the money. I can't survive on 303 a month Eek Apart from that i have re-discovered my gaming roots.

» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)15:37 21.07.06
PS3, the specifications are superior and the only anticipated problem is the implementaion of the Blu-Ray system, which has been the main reason why its been held back so long. 60gb hard drive, 4 usb connections, 1 ethernet. I can see why people are saying that consoles are becoming PC's but they still offer different gaming experiences.
Plus as i work for Currys (British electrical company for those who dont know) i get a 10% discount, bringing the price down from 425 to roughly 382, correct me if im wrong on that. I just feel that the PS3 will be the more superior console, but i do believe the Wii is going to be a surprise, especially with its relativley low price tag.

» Band of Brothers (View)20:57 04.04.06
Ah Band of Brothers, possibly the finest show ever broadcast by the BBC. Own to boxset and enjoy it every time i watch it, favourite episode has to be the final one. All of the real life soldiers disscussing their friends and showing true emotions, only a real man can cry like that.

» MERRY CHRISTMAS (View)17:17 25.12.05
Merry christmas!

» Was this girly? (View)20:38 16.12.05
Ah yes but aren't you permanently in a drunken stupor?

» Was this girly? (View)12:16 16.12.05
I agree that it is borderline schoolgirl, but it can be accepted as long as it isn't a regular thing, that would be weird.

» Hey everybody (View)10:25 14.12.05
Neither do i, my feeble mind doesn't comprehend these private jokes.

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