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» Is it Off? (View)19:25 27.04.05
Well. With so many people having left EA Games is the game gonna take off?

» Snowing.. (View)19:05 10.03.05
Raining, Cold etc. Typical birmingham

» Delia Smith (View)19:04 10.03.05
That was funny to watch. None of you Norwich Fans i presume.
"Come on, let's be 'aving you!"

» What are you listening to right now? (View)19:03 10.03.05
Muse - The Small Print

» HELLLLPPP EVERYTHIN BLOWS UP!!!! (View)19:01 10.03.05
Well. There may be a patch somewhere that you haven't downloaded to fix it. Or the file may have become corrupted, so you should reinstall first of all see what happens. If you still have problems then you should maybe buy a new Gens and ZH Disk * deluxe edition * and see what happens.

» Does anyone still play? (View)18:57 10.03.05
Well. Theres the Nuke Mig, Nuke Cannon, Nuke Tank, Nuclear Missile, Nuke Bomb from Helix. There's a few or them . And a Neutron Shell...

» Hell March 3 (View)23:09 25.02.05
Agreed. The RA1 Option to change the track when u wanted to fit the battle was cool!

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)20:50 24.01.05
Well I guess that makes me in the other one perecent doesn't it mate.
I guess u "diehards" may be trying to hold on to RA2 ... but it's gone now... and will never return unless Westwood returns So you're stuck with EA ,,,

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)20:26 24.01.05
I would respond but i cant be bothered, this isn't gonna get anywhere.
I'm a Fan, so are you. Ends.

» Does anyone still play? (View)19:11 24.01.05
How many of you guys play online?

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)19:01 24.01.05
Hey dont get me wrong i likes RA2 but I liked Generals Better. Incase u had forgotten the title:

Command and Conquer: Generals (Zero Hour)

Seems C&C to me. Generals was part made by Westwood too. Mate I've played every single C&C there is.

» CLAN BBF (View)18:57 24.01.05
We've hit bad times and had a couple of Crisises but we've had a new revitalisation of players and a change of command twice so we're heading towards a new dawn so to speak. We're gonna be more active in RA3 when it comes out.

» How can we integrate this forum successfully? (View)17:00 24.01.05
Maybe you culd zip up the replay and post it as a zip file then play it out.

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)16:57 24.01.05
I would like there to be more Cutscenes, i enjoyed watching those in RA 1 and 2
I would like good graphics, a more equal multiplayer and for it to give me the same buzz that i get from playing Zero Hour

» CLAN BBF (View)16:54 24.01.05
While searching for Red Alert 3 stuff I've stumbled across your nice green forum. Seeing this Zero Hour Forum has given me an idea.

Clan BBF are still Recruiting for Command and Conqueror Zero Hour - we have about 8 active members atm and want to expand. Quality is not a major issue, because we're all here to fun and primarily to have fun. We do have a website (a very good one) and a good command structure as well as many other games to choose from. We're looking for people who will post every now and again. We've had people in the past who register and say nothing, which isn't good. We have one practice per week at the moment.
I'll give you the URL to our Join Section and our Zero Hour Section where u can post if you want to play. (note: you might have to register first - sometimes posting isn't completely recognised without registering, only sometimes though) - Zero Hour - Join Forum

I hope i can see some people come to the Clan from here!
Well until then bye from