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» i need a strtegy to use aginst the aurora bombers (View)15:34 30.09.05
No, Quad Cannons are better.

In earlier versions of ZH, there's a bug, I think, that allows you to shoot down Auroras that haven't dropped their payloads - simply place gun or laser type AAs (Avenger/Quad Cannon/Gattling Gun...) on top of cliffs where the Auroras will be passing.

I don't know if this has been fixed.

» Idea's for RA3 Storyline (View)03:33 13.06.05
...and the sanity.

» ideas for ra3 (View)03:30 13.06.05
One idea they should borrow from Generals is the default infantry's capturing ability. Leave capturing to the soldiers. I don't have anything to say about the engineer's rapairing feature, though.

» HISTORY OF THE MAKING! (View)16:22 29.04.05
Yes, continue YR, but they should avoid the sci-fi aspect.

» McDonalds - What does it mean to you? (View)16:19 29.04.05
As you can see in that little flag over there, I live in the Philippines (directly south of Taiwan).

First, globalization. Sure, McDo is very popular here, but they've got one real huge rival-Jollibee, also a fastfood chain that serves similar foods, but as anyone can say, more popular. The Philippines had enough of America.

About some Asian countries that consider it healthy, no we don't. People here rarely get fat because of fastfood chains.

And yes, people here tend to use these fastfood restaurants as a meeting place and a place to hang out. But of course, that's if the restaurant's not full of people.

» using voxels (View)16:03 29.04.05
You should ask this in PPM ( This requires a long explanation.

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)10:49 19.03.05
No doubt, live action cutscenes with a few, but very realistic, CG scenes is a must for RA3. That would be the greatest step 'back to traditional C&C'.

I think Generals emphasized too much on preventing the tank rush-the developers have the wrong belief that rushes make the game less enjoyable. Hope they listen to Rob.

All ground unit speeds should be increased, lesser armor for structures, more powerful infantry, and faster Generals Abilities charging time-the last one should make a game more fun without it having to be long.

One great change to a new element in Generals should be implemented-to the camouflage/stealth system. Sure, that added more tactics to the game, but surrounding a base or a unit group with detector units/structuresmade all stealth/disguising units useless (except for Stealth Fighter-the stealth feature almost allowed it to make a sure hit). There should be stealth 'levels'. Like first, second and third, where all detector units can detect first level stealth units, lesser can see second levels, and only one detector unit for each faction can uncover third level stealth units. Combat stealth units could be first level, second level for stealth aircraft, and third level for heroes.

» Units you wish to see (View)13:04 09.03.05
...and you've wasted twenty trips of your harvester...

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)12:59 09.03.05
I see...then the same low building armor in RA2? A tank in Gen takes ages to destroy even the most basic building.

» Does anyone still play? (View)12:31 09.03.05
Especially against General Tao - if you don't rush him, you'll have nukes of all sizes constantly landing on your base.

» News: Skaggs Takes Leave of Absence? (View)12:27 09.03.05
"...later this year..."

They sure were also refering to the game development's start.

» HELLLLPPP EVERYTHIN BLOWS UP!!!! (View)12:21 09.03.05
First, please don't SHOUT.

I don't know about Generals, but this also happens in RA2 - as Banshee said, " happens when the game considers itself corrupted." The only thing I know, if you have more than one OSs on your PC (like XP Home and XP Pro), play the game on the OS where you installed it.

» Hell March 3 (View)12:11 23.02.05
Just say get Frank Klepacki back. Generals tracks are too unlively, as opposed to Klepacki's creations.

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)12:09 23.02.05
Of course faster combat is better than a slow one. I like fast combat myself. The thing is, RA2 is so fast as not to allow you to 'enjoy' a massive tank battle. What's better, fifteen tanks battling each other for a minute or twenty seconds? RA3 should have fast combat, while still making tank skirmishes a spectacle.

» Units you wish to see (View)10:21 22.02.05
EA-Gaming Public Enemy #1

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)10:16 22.02.05
I wonder why people here hate planes - too realistic and 'unC&C', perhaps?

There's this guy who says players build Auroras only since they're essentially the same with the other 2 US planes. You probably don't know that the Aurora costs 2500, while the Raptor costs 1200, that the Aurora bombers have only one weapon, can't dogfight and is so fragile?

That person also said Gen had inadequate AA, while another said the King Raptor is so powerful. Ever heard about the Avenger lasers? The Gattling weapons?

You might think I'm so much of a Generals fan. Not much, actually. Generals has its own bad features. Aerial combat isn't so easy to manage, and there's no much action in the air, either. Planes simply empty all their missiles at the enemy. Also, on the ground, attacks seem so slow, making the tank rush impossible. Although there's something good. Tanks are so useless even in masses when attacking bases, but you peopleshould have watched a real huge tank battle. You know, those involving at least thirty tanks? Nothing would beat that. RA2 combat is too fast.

What I want to see in RA3:
Real dogfights-involving planes making evasive maneuvers and launching missiles one by one.
THE RETURN OF THE TANK RUSH-oh yeah, RA2 has the best base assaults you can ever see. But RA3 should also allow the groundshaking tank battles of Gen.

» Does anyone still play? (View)09:56 22.02.05
d -Duh?

As far as I can tell he doesn't play what we're talking about.

» Who maps? (View)09:51 22.02.05
Yeah, I'm a mapper. Used to, actually. I can't make any now since I got my hard drive emitting eerie sounds, and fixed it just recently. Now I'm waiting for my RA2 discs to come back, from one of those people who borrow things without permission.

I've made a lot of maps, but have uploaded only one, and that's my latest:
FInd Imbrium. Did not make it to the Awards section, but at least got an honorable mention.Tongue

» The Truth About Modding (View)11:19 19.01.05
So true...

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)14:57 17.01.05
I'm not actually against Generals, I like Generals. But well, the greatest thing it has contributed to C&C is faction diversity. The worst, I've said it, being 'blizzardish'.

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