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» Iran (View)14:09 20.10.07

Originally posted by Tsunami_Tank...
if the American government knows about the nuclear threat and knows that countries like North Korea are messing with nuclear tech, then why don't they do something about it?

on the other hand, If Israel tried to bomb Iran, would its surrounding countries, like Iraq, counter-attack with an onslaught of attacks like missile barrages. besides, now that a Iraqi (at least i think it is) political leader that used to be exiled is not back in government would give other surrounding countries more incentive to attack them anyway? after all, after she got back, her reinforced truck had 2 car bombs explode next to it and she still lived, a sign of hatred I reckon.

isreal wont attack at list not with nukes unless someone else attack us with nukes.
if iran lunch nuke israel will go with iran we have nukes and they will used in case of nuclear war.
also i dont think iran will dare to attack us because they will hurt all the area like libanon and soria.

» I'm going to make new map but i need ur help !! (View)13:59 08.09.07

Originally posted by Lava2007...
I need idea's on wat to put on my map !!!!

List them here on this thread Happy

medium size ore fields natural buildings and units and i dont knew what more ^-^"

» Your nation.. (View)13:58 08.09.07
only allied mostly america rearly i paly soviet Grin Grin

» who likess alkohol? (View)13:30 11.08.07

Originally posted by Spygon...
i agree it makes a good night great Grin

maybe but it makes bad headache in the morning

» Map Ideas (View)12:09 30.06.07

Originally posted by Lava2007...

Originally posted by lukapolean...
I like that idea but still...I would like the idea of starting with airports but....i would rather play a map without any tech buildings... maybe we could start with a battle lab beside the base to makes it a allied map though...and a many apocalips are required to take out a huge group of mirage tanks(20-40)...

1 Apoc can kill 2 prism tanks. (unsure about Mirage tanks tho)

Anyone know how 2 change AI Attacks ????

umean chage AI triggers or making the computer attack at deffrent way in skrimish?

» News: Tiberium Wars Artwork (View)13:35 07.04.07
yup ^^

» Map Ideas (View)17:13 01.02.07

Originally posted by Lava2007...
What you guys think of the map?????

the map is very nice ^-^

» Happy new year (View)17:56 01.01.07
HEPPY NEW YEAR Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin >-

» Map Ideas (View)19:40 26.11.06

Originally posted by Lava2007...
Well ok now that i have an idea of what you ppl like and dislike....I know what i will put in the maps I will make it a 1 and a 2
1 bing the map with NO mods or tech buildings (actually a few oil derricks)
2 will be the one with the ability to build anything if you capture a specific building...

I have figured out how to make the engineer teleport like the chrono leginore..i have it on a map called " Don't Fuck with me" It is more of a cheat map cause it really easy to take buildings away from other players..i haven't played online yet with that map cause i am stil working on the units you get.

If you have any friends that have any ideas tell them to join the site and if any of you guys want to pm me go name online is the following 2:


Peace out dawgs.

one litel problem
if the engineer can teleport its mean the enemy if its on medium or hard ( in case u play vs bot) will have easy way 2 capture ur building and i dont like the sound of that X-X

» North Korea (View)15:49 28.10.06

Originally posted by Spygon...
does anybody know if south korea has nukes?

they say they got nukes and that they tested them
but who knew...

» Want Help Please! (View)14:34 23.10.06

Originally posted by lukapolean...
I also reccamand that you build like 10 spies and use it on the bots...i always find that useful because bots are so....brainless...they cant tell between a walking rockie and a flying oneGrin

thats true anless they got dogs yuri and sometimes even Psychic sensor can detact spies and make the bot attack them

» Iran (View)13:57 24.09.06

Originally posted by Spygon...
i doubt it as i think Israel will be the ones being nuked as its deffinly the iranians first target

but i fogot we also got nuke missiles and iran wont attack us with it cuz some of their allies are close 2 us

» Final Alert 2 help (View)15:04 13.09.06
i allready sayd 2 him via PM that he dont need 2 change the rules ini but if he want 2 make the change for all maps he do need 2 change the rules

» Final Alert 2 help (View)06:04 20.08.06

Originally posted by Combatman...
Can't you poste the code?

i can...but i didnt hade time then i first reply 2 him...
later on ill post it if u want ^^

» Units you wish to see (View)14:09 01.08.06

Originally posted by Spygon...
i want to see the missle sub make a return out of red alert Counterstrike/Retaliation but maybe with the dreadnoughts missles to make it fair but you could make a sub fleet sneak up near an enemy blow all his units out of the water then bombard his base before he knew what hit him Grin

i'd like 2 see something like the dreadnoghts only with lets say 10 missiles on each ship
ppl will need more then jast patriot missile 2 take out this attack nawGrin

» Israel (View)20:09 31.07.06

Originally posted by raptor...
Wtf? Israil is very ugly country, and they have no right to kill sivilian people in Lebanon!!!! they just to killl some muslims in Lebanon that is all, they do not care about that two soldier..Angry

first of all, not all isral ppl are ugly as u say,
in the last faw years ppl cant enter bus cuz terorist blow them up,
in every place u go ull see bad ppl and good ppl so be quiet.
second: sometimes we miss the target and hit civilians but its not cuz we want,
as jude i can live i peace with everyone as long as no one hurt me, unlike u i dont judge someone 2 good person or bad person jast because hes jude or not.
then i love or hate someone is jast because the way he behave 2 me,

naw about this:
Originally posted by raptor...
Triarii, i have right, judes hate muslims, and muslims hate judes, Israel are scared, muslims gonna kill judes i feature, just watch, Iran can destroy that f***** country with one atombomb, and why is USa in that conflict???

in the cold war Rusia gave 2 Soria nuke missile arrow heads BUT they took it back after Israel got promission 2 use nuke wepon against EVERY cauntry that attack Israel with nuke.
so ur Iraq wont attack us with it unless they dont knew whats good for them...
and i'm very sorry but ppl like u prove that some humans r very stu***.
i can live in peace with u and everyone in the world as long as u respect me as i am.
whats that really importent in person as not how u look, from were u come and stuff like this whats that really importent is how u behave, cuz even if u r presitent of a country u r still human and u r not better or wors then others.

we do care about the soldires

» Final Alert 2 help (View)18:21 23.07.06

Originally posted by Tha_Nitro...
You will need Tibed for that.

no he dont.
xcore42 u can chage it by the INI edithing with the map progrem

pm me if u want the code

» NS units (View)18:54 23.06.06
as u knew i'm building a RA2 site and mod for the game
and i'd like 2 ask u:
what kind of units u want 2 see in the new mod Nuclear Spirit: Return From hell?
{or in the shurt name NS:RFH} Grin

» how to create a mod? (View)15:31 10.05.06

Originally posted by me...

Originally posted by tzz...
Does anybody knows any links or softwares to create mod?(CNCGEN,RA2,YR mods)

try 2 download&install OS:voxel Editor, OS:SHP Editor, *OS:HAVA Editor& OS:Voxel Viewer.
they will help u 2 build ur units in the mod u building.
if u need more help send me private message.
i'm not sure if the HAVA Editor is the right name of the progrem or not { ^-^"}
but if i were worng ill send u privat message with the right name

» how to create a mod? (View)15:28 10.05.06

Originally posted by tzz...
Does anybody knows any links or softwares to create mod?(CNCGEN,RA2,YR mods)

try 2 download&install OS:voxel Edithor, OS:SHP Edithor, *OS:HAVA Edithor& OS:Voxel Viewer.
they will help u 2 build ur units in the mod u building.
if u need more help send me private message.
i'm not sure if the HAVA Edithor is the right name of the progrem or not { ^-^"}
but if i were worng ill send u privat message with the right name

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