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» Validation? (View)02:50 02.04.06
I've noticed that alot of ppl have not yet been validated on this forum. How does that work do you do validations by hand or by email b/c one of my clan's member has waiting like a week and never been validated and in going back i see like 10%+ of the ppl here have not yet been validated

» Recruitment Positions (View)04:02 09.03.06
This is a short list of the Recruitment Positions and their functions.

Recruiting Department

Department Head/Chief Recruiter: zepherNXC
Field Scout: FragzNXC
Special Projects Coordinator: HermanNXC

Job Descriptions

Department Head- Manages Department
Chief Recruiter- Organizes tryouts, supervises new recruits, welcomes new members
Field Scout- Searches servers for potential tryout candidates
Special Projects Coordinator- Works to achieve the Primary Objective

» Clan Announcements (View)15:05 14.12.05
i've emailed him and sent him the link and joinpass.

when i saw him ingame i asked if he got my email, he said yea, then i let him know again to come and register here and join

EDIT: He made it here just fine


» the start (View)03:23 06.12.05
i'm not sure how to navigate all this, i'm surprised i found this...

i say we should keep our forums

for those of you that don't know us, we can be found here: