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» Tournament: Round 1 Fixtures (View)22:49 12.12.05
Embarassed I lost yes... Roll-Eyes hehe better luck to me next time Tongue

» CNCSeries.Com Tournament II Registration (View)06:07 12.12.05
12 people signed up.... not as many as i thought but it's prob the same old same old? Grin let the games begin!

» News: C&C in Flash (View)06:04 12.12.05
I think it's called the red alert archive, or something but you can download red alert 1 on that too! Grin Even tho poor quality! It still reminds me of a young lad in the 1990's playing red alert Wink

» CNCSeries.Com Tournament II Registration (View)21:18 07.12.05
sorry rob thats what rank i am in ra2 and thought its the rank? lolTongue im a n00b Grin

» CNCSeries.Com Tournament II Registration (View)18:40 07.12.05
Rob, #1, RobOfCNCS
Jacko3334, #51,JackoCNCS
Chris, #53, ChrisCNCS
Saber07, #35, saber
Paul, #2, f1reburn
ukdevil, #560, serdiuk17

Edited by Rob: Not quite sure where you got #4062 from (we wish!). Changed your name to your member name, which is what is needed.

» Christmas red alert 2 tournament? (View)17:45 06.12.05
Grin ok good. one problem im the biggest ra2 noob out there and yup a defense freak and i hear experts rush so might as well lol watch Tongue

» Is it Off? (View)17:44 06.12.05
will it? i thought it would boost all sales for all games seeming as they will all be able to work on windows XP!Grin

» Christmas red alert 2 tournament? (View)12:36 06.12.05
hehe thats alright. That sounds cool, how do i sign up?

» Christmas red alert 2 tournament? (View)00:39 06.12.05
Since this site has many clans registered on it and still active. Shall we do a Christmas red alert 2 tournament? I would like to hear your opinions Grin

» C&C - The First Decade (View)00:38 06.12.05
yeah suppose. but red alert 1 in my opion had a better storyline.

» How would you like net play handled? (View)22:27 05.12.05
I want to see stronger support for clans, and more officail tournamnets. Maybe a site which could host clan sites? like this site does

» C&C - The First Decade (View)22:25 05.12.05
yeah but will you consider buying this tho? and also i think their still be a few clans...

» Is it Off? (View)22:00 05.12.05
well m8 thats where the 'first decade' steps in and u can buy all the series Grin

» C&C - The First Decade (View)21:57 05.12.05
wicked, im more excited to get it. maybe we'll see the return of some red alert one clans!!!!!

» Is it Off? (View)19:06 05.12.05
remember if they rush red alert 3, which i think they'll end up doing is that it won't be a porductive gameUnhappy

» Storyline Idea (View)19:00 05.12.05
I think that what should happen is this....

Yuri has control of the world that we know today. USA and USSR come together as one and fight Yuri. One problem. There has been a nuclear war and now the world suffers from a nuclear winter. (like paul said in the article) It's every country for itself and USA and USSR have to give aid to the world and defeat the Yuri. Maybe something along those lines...Roll-Eyes

» C&C - The First Decade (View)18:56 05.12.05
I heard that the new C&C Series is coming out.(The First Decade) It all sounds so good and exciting. But will the old games allow us to play on the net once again? I would love to play red alert one on the internet.Confused