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» Boogie-tastic (View)18:38 26.02.06

» mood: cocky (View)23:23 25.02.06
someone has to brag about it, figured it might as well be me

Scotland beat England! w00t!

» Band of Brothers (View)22:48 20.02.06
dude, house is class

but if you want to see channel 5 at its finest

watch Prison Break

» Band of Brothers (View)22:08 16.02.06
absolutely love it

» need medical assistance (View)12:48 15.02.06
bush dancing, its kinda like this:

» Article: Girls and Command & Conquer (View)12:45 15.02.06
=P i get beaten by girls on counterstrike all the time. the ones who play online are generally good.

it was a girl who used to run that game. umm. was it cnc: cold war or something? it used the same basic code as planet battleground but was allies and soviets rather than gdi and nod. yeah, that failed when she wasnt making enough cash to fund the servers =P

» I can't install Generals (View)16:02 27.06.05
if its a bought version then get in contact with ea tech support

if its a fake version then go out and buy a legal one

» New base design! (View)21:56 13.06.05
wisdom if ever i heard it

i thought i was good util i played online and got whupped

im getting better but im still nothing amazing

» Install error (View)16:33 08.06.05
get a nice big beefy fan installed and take the sides off your case

worked for me on my other pc for running doom 3

» New base design! (View)16:30 08.06.05

» Battle Fortress Bug (View)16:28 08.06.05
unlucky that you had to discover that... :P

ive known for quite a while, dunno about other people...

» Install error (View)15:45 27.05.05
how the hell did you pull that off

mine has 64mb onboard and i have the latest drivers (its an intel mobo but cant remember what type) and I can't run ra2

» Liverpool v AC Milan (View)15:43 27.05.05
in agreement with the post above, he was coming off his line almost all of the time, he somehow got away with it.

and to argue with the post above that;

if you watch a reply, milan dominated the first half, liverpool dominated about 15 - 20 mins of the decond then milan had the rest. It's a wonder that a team as good as Milan couldnt get a single goal during all that posession

» Liverpool v AC Milan (View)09:23 27.05.05
VERY good game. I dont think Liverpool deserved to win, even though they had such an awesome comeback, cos to be honest they were being outplayed all over the field.

And Dudek, what an asshole! no way should that crap be allowed on the goalline at penalties.

But anyways, well played to both teams, and unfortunate to AC cos they really should have won...

» Install error (View)09:21 27.05.05
do you have the right graphics drivers installed?

» New base design! (View)19:12 21.05.05
that would be 'online-crack-0001.dll'

» Wtf? (View)22:39 12.05.05
yeah, where is this illusive dot?

» Who maps? (View)22:15 11.05.05

» Who maps? (View)14:15 11.05.05
nice little advert there ^^ :P

Just to show what happened to my forementioned CD drive and YR CD:

» 2 hours 33 minutes! (View)21:27 18.04.05
yup, im ready to drink to that too

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