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» ideas for ra3 (View)06:22 29.03.05
Or a game that won't come out at all Unhappy .

» News: Chris Rubyor Leaves EA! (View)20:08 27.03.05
Yes, something fishy is going on at EA about CnC. Perhaps the reason why the big boys are leaving is perhaps they do not like the direction that not only RA3 was going, but perhaps the series itself. In either case, it seems that RA3 will still come out, but not for a good while, and I am losing faith each day that it will be any good.

» News: Isgreen Leaves EA - RA3 Dead? (View)02:05 20.03.05

Originally posted by Waraddict...
And even if EA do decide to ditch C&C, they won't sell the rights to it as they know they could potentially create a good rival to their products.

Infact, that could well be the idea in the first place, knock out the rivals by buying them out and then kill off their games, holding onto the legalities so as to make sure they will never be a threat again.

Geez, I would say you were wrong Waraddict if it wasn't true, but big companies outside of gaming as well do that, buy the compeition and kill it off to make sure it is no longer a threat, I hope it doesn't come to that, perhaps one day EA will topple, but that is a far off prospect.

» News: Isgreen Leaves EA - RA3 Dead? (View)21:21 18.03.05
I am a bit worried as well Rob from hearing about this. But perhaps something positive will come out of it. Maybe if RA3 is canceled and they feel that the c&c series isn't that profitable, perhaps they will put it for sale Grin . Granted yes, I am playing a little bit of the devils advocate and being highly optimisic and maybe a little delusional, but hey, you never know right?

» News: Unlikely Visitors (View)05:09 28.02.05
Heh, guess we know what most C&C fans want eh? Happy

» Hell March 3 (View)03:07 26.02.05
I love Frank's work, especially from EBFD, just quality stuff. And of course, Hell March baby, too bad he isn't going to make it though, hopefully though the soundtrack will be somewhat better than G/ZH. I mean, it wasn't that bad mind you, it was kinda more fits the mood of the games, but I hope there is a bit more oomph in RA3 soundtrack.

» News: New Zero Hour Patch Announced! (View)03:02 26.02.05

Originally posted by jacko3334...
Just be aware that this patch will not:

a) make zero hour a good game
b) make it in any way balanced
c) remove cheaters
d) make it appealing to more people
e) herald in an unprecedented era of support

Heh, well shall see jacko, though I agree with e. Happy

» News: New Zero Hour Patch Announced! (View)21:50 25.02.05
Heh, won't be shocked that within the month after the patch they will reveil Red Alert 3, its not that uncommon to release big gaming news around March actually, and the patch is a nice touch, hopefully though, the patch will actually fix things as well and not just a shallow marketing ploy for RA3 Happy .

» News: Bliztkerig II and The Finest Hour Become one (View)04:32 19.02.05
Its cool my friend, there is nothing wrong with that Grin .

» News: Bliztkerig II and The Finest Hour Become one (View)22:32 18.02.05
Alrighty, are you happy flak? Happy

» News: Bliztkerig II and The Finest Hour Become one (View)09:36 18.02.05
Heh, ok, I fixed it myself since it was my post. Grin

» News: Community News (View)23:51 17.02.05
That's a spicy news post Grin .

» News: Red Alert 3 on Nintendo DS? (View)21:05 08.02.05
That would be frecking awesome if its true! Grin

» News: TGTW Mod Controversy (View)03:04 08.02.05
There is a English version of the site Big, you just need to click on the UK/USA flag in the upper right corner. Happy

» News: New ZH Patch in the works? (View)00:04 08.02.05
Hmmm, interesting post. Perhaps EA is trying to redem themselves a bit before the release of RA3 and start doing some good for the community. As you said though, we shall see. Here's hoping!!

» News: Mental Omage Mod (View)00:11 04.02.05
Hehe, schoolboy error, very clever. Grin I just downloaded this mod, its pretty sweet, and the AI is sick! Even on easy its a challenge. Btw Rob, got your PM and I sent you a reply, but in case you don't see it, added you to MSN. Hope to speak with you soon.

» Units you wish to see (View)07:45 03.02.05
Obviously the big question we all wish to know is what new (or returning) units will be featured in RA3. Which new kind unit do you wish to see? If you were given the opporunity to make a new one for RA3, what would it be and what would be its abilites? Which unit do you wish to return from the pervious RA games? And which ones should never come back?

I would like to see a new type of infantry, Generals and Zero Hour gave a bit more boost for infantry usage but I would like it expanded more, maybe actually having them do certain formations, able to react to certain combat situations.

The infantry I would design would be some sort of officer on the field that gives a group of troops new abilties and he would be able to call airstrikes (but a lot better than frecking Boris Angry ). And maybe the ability to take out vechial drivers, not like Jarmel Kell, more like close quater combat.

Of course, the good old stand by untis like the Prism tank, Tesla Tank, Mammoth/Apoc tank of course (or whatever its going to be called this time).

And the unit I could do without in the next game (or that they better improve on if they do) is Boris, he sucked balls big time. Right behind him would be the Kirov, just too damn slow to be useful.

What about you guys?

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