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» News: My copy of RA3 (View)00:03 14.11.08
and people wonder why cpu gaming is dead...rather spend money on much better xbox360 games that i don't need to drop big $$$ ever year or so to just make my comp run it.

» News: Red Alert 3 online - a big mess (View)00:01 14.11.08
...meanwhile I'm loving gears of war 2...SUCKERS!!!!

» News: My copy of RA3 (View)15:34 31.10.08
wow it's been a while, damn job keeps me too busy...anyways I digress, but haven't gotten yet...any reviews? I don't even know if my comp will be able to play it

» What are you waiting for? (View)20:43 03.10.08
Honestly, I'm kind of against pre-releasing unit information. It totally kills any anticipation/wag'ing (wild ass guessing).

» Article: Red Alert 3: Ideas for Change (View)23:21 01.09.08

Nice to have you on board. Yes this thread is a tad dead, but there are plenty of other, more recent threads to contribute to. Again welcome to the site and nice to see new people joining AND participating.

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)01:27 20.08.08
Okay, let's try to get some more people...maybe at least ten (total)

» News: British actress Gemma Atkinson is Lt. Eva McKenna (View)02:23 11.08.08
lol...thanks for the pop culture update for us folk from the other side of the Atlantic. Anyways sounds like a certain actress from RA2.

» News: Sea Wing/Sky Wing Unit Profile (View)13:54 10.08.08
We'll have to wait for the game to see for sure, but lets hope that the beta weeds some of these issues out.

» News: British actress Gemma Atkinson is Lt. Eva McKenna (View)21:59 06.08.08
Maybe they're using Rob's Forum rank hierarchy.

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)14:30 30.07.08

Originally posted by ScorchEMD...
Good news everyone!
our clan member snakestk is in on this.
6. snakestk

Can you have him register (if not already done so) and post in this thread, thanks.

» CNCSeries Red alert 3.1 (View)15:10 27.07.08
not much of an alternate history fan, are you?

» News: Red Alert 3 Beta Coming out Soon (View)14:57 27.07.08
if you get in be sure to give us some good updates, previews, etc, as I know I didn't get in until very, very late.

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)14:41 27.07.08
Seeing as the first is next thursday, I think we might have to postpone the start a couple of weeks (maybe until September) while we try to recruit some more participants. Having said that if any of you see me online hit me up and we can have a friendly.

» CNCSeries Red alert 3.1 (View)02:01 24.07.08
3rd Side=The Draka

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)01:58 24.07.08

Originally posted by ScorchEMD...
To bigguy563: Oh, I didn't know but that is understandable.

To everyone else: I'm in the process of posting a topic to see if my clan will even bother to help this little venture out. I'll try to get at least SOME -EMD- members into the fray for this or fail trying... but why don't we ATTEMPT to set up a deffenite time for everyone and try to organize this so we can do this without a hitch?

As bigguy said, it depends on the parties involved. I would guess no shorter than two weeks from start to championship. That being said we still need 12 more players. If any of you do any posting anywhere else, please try to promote this as much as possible.

Here's the list so far:

1. Erikmcfar (Erikmcfar)
2. Tuasperdu (bigguy)
3. ScorchEMD (ScorchEMD)
4. hdhspygon (Spygon)

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)22:42 22.07.08
@ bigguy: Yes QM rules.

@ scorched: all that info is in my first post.

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)14:08 21.07.08
In the lead up to the release of Red Alert 3 this fall; we here at will be hosting two "throw-back" tournaments to the glory days of Red Alert 2/YR.

The first tournament will start on 1 August 2008 and the format will go as follows:

  • Limit 16 players registration
  • Game: Red Alert 2
  • Four groups of four will play round robin (each players plays 3 games in initial group and top two move on to the next round).
  • Championship will be decided on best two out of three.
  • Each game will be randomly selected a quick match map to play (prior to the start of the tournament, but after registration is finished).
  • 10 rep points for participating
  • 25 rep points for a semi-final (top 4) appearance
  • 100 rep points for winner
  • Cheating of any kind will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  • If you cant play or dont intend to play, dont sign up.
  • We reserve the rights to alter the rules/format based on necessity
  • Sign up in this thread, with the number of register that you are followed by your RA2 nickname.
  • If you have any questions ask them below.

1. Erikmcfar

» News: Yuriko Omega Unit Spotlight (View)01:03 21.07.08

Originally posted by Apocalypse_Tank...
or using an old tech but giving it a new name *cough* spectrum tech *cough*

That's what I said.