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» Online Role Playing Games. (View)04:19 30.12.06
well u guys could try lineage kicks there is!!!

» Bigguy - four stars! (View)13:52 29.10.06
good job on that big guyHappy

» Israel (View)18:22 31.07.06
Isreal cant use the A-bomb because the consecuinces are too bad and the USA are a very long frined of Israel because there are many israeli people living in the US...and dont forget that Israel is the only contry in the Middle East whit the A-bomb and they are trying to keep things how they are...

» Israel (View)17:28 27.07.06
I would like to see what thecommander would say about this thing, him being from Israel....

» The Laser General (View)12:17 27.07.06
Stealth fighters are invisible when they move and they can be detected by all anti-air guns(base defences) refering to gattling turrets, patriot and stinger sites.They are invisible to radar untill they col. Burton, Black Lotus and Jarmen Kell.

» who likes AVP? (View)12:03 26.07.06
I have a dumb question.....what are AVP games???

» 4th side also (View)16:40 22.07.06
Maybe duck Dodgers will save usHappy)))))))

» what are u doing this summer? (View)16:37 22.07.06
Never played cricket.....not very popular around it fun?Grin

» what are u doing this summer? (View)12:39 17.07.06
I was wondering what c&c players do in the summer..except playing..are u going on vacations, trips...stuff...Grin

» Renegade vs. Other FPS (View)17:23 10.07.06
Never played Renegade..but i think Counter Strike is the best fpsGrin !

» The Laser General (View)16:27 08.07.06
Yeah...laser general doesnt have those tomahawk launchers....u dont have many options when u go attacking somebody....Grin

» The Laser General (View)12:34 08.07.06
I consider laser general a defensive general...cause those laser turrets can stop almost anything...

» Come on England: World Cup Time (View)12:04 21.06.06
I dont pay attention to them...i just see that team play...if they are good they are good and thats its...u have to know what results that team had in the past too..

» Come on England: World Cup Time (View)12:49 20.06.06
The US have as much chances of winning the World Cup as i have on landing on the serious guys...and where did u get that info on US being 5th in the world?..there are many teams better then the US...sry guys!Grin

» Forum Activity? (View)16:40 30.03.06
or maybe there are no guys who have topic ideeas...Grin

» OVERLORD TANKs... too powerful? (exp players needed) (View)12:18 28.02.06
i like to take overlords out with

» mood: cocky (View)12:16 28.02.06
are u guys talking about rugby?
cause i like england...Grin i'm a little upset because they were beaten by scotland..but they are still top of the table...i think..haven't watch tv for a time..Grin

» Spy (View)12:14 28.02.06
perhaps i can help you:
allied spy in allied battle lab=chrono commander
allied spy in soviet battle lab=chrono ivan
allied spy in yuri battle lab=psy commander(can't chrono shift)
as for the other combinations u will get the same unit even if u play with soviet or yuri(i.e. playing with yuri and capturing a spy and infiltrating him in a allied battle lab u will get chrono commander).

» Article: Girls and Command & Conquer (View)14:57 16.02.06
Sorry to say this but either you are a n00b in Cstrike or the girls there are very good!Grin

» on line? (View)11:19 14.02.06
I have been trying to play on line but i get a message like "westwood online doesn't exist...bla bvla bla"...what the hack do i have to do to play?do i need the original game....patches....and if so can somebody give me the original game?

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