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» Fave tiberuim wars unit (View)12:45 09.04.07

Originally posted by Rob...
Hey Chris, good to see you're playing! Are you still on MSN? We should have a few games sometime.

Yeah that would be cool. Next time im on MSN we should arrange it.

» Fave tiberuim wars unit (View)15:27 08.04.07
Either Mammoth Tanks or Zone Troopers

» What do you class as lag? (View)01:59 23.12.05
The only lag that bothers me alot is delay lag, when you click your tanks and they take an hour to move. Lost to terrible players because of that shitAngry

» CNCSeries.Com Tournament II Registration (View)22:23 10.12.05
Rob, #1, RobOfCNCS
Jacko3334, #51,JackoCNCS
Chris, #53, ChrisCNCS
Saber07, #35, saber
Paul, #2, f1reburn
ukdevil, #560, serdiuk17
mads, #160, dkvik1ng
Jeremy, #86, pcnerd73
Chaotixs, #137, Chaotixs
bigguy563 #34, prdezvous
rfc2005 #492, iSuXsBaD

» What rank did you finish? (View)18:25 01.11.05
87 isuxsbad 31 3 772

» What are a good players best attributes? (View)17:24 18.10.05

Originally posted by Rob...

Originally posted by rfc2005...
Also knowing how to manage your money well in laggy games aswell as fast games is pretty important.

How do you mean? I'm particularly interested in the answer for laggy games Embarassed

Well for me personally, playing allied, if it's laggy I tend to delay things more than I usually would, like I would leave adding more war factories or teching till much later, same with rockies and planes,I just focus on keeping the tanks coming till I feel comfortable I can spend money on other things without falling behind.

Also watching your miners early and make sure they get the ore closest to refiniries is pretty good in my opininon, especially in laggy games.

» GG rfc2005 (View)17:10 18.10.05
Thanx, was a gg, well played by u2. More flaks and you could have wonWink

» What are a good players best attributes? (View)15:04 18.10.05
I think multi-tasking is very important, if you're able to split tanks,rockies and planes and deal with an engi ifv/flak or a paradrop all within a few seconds then I believe you can definitely become a much better player.

Also knowing how to manage your money well in laggy games aswell as fast games is pretty important.

» Who plays warm-up games? (View)14:49 18.10.05
Depends, if I dont play for like a day or two I have a couple of warm ups, otherwise I dont usually.

» CNCSeries.Com Tournament II (View)14:42 18.10.05
Sorry bout that, I always forget and leave msn open when I leave computerTongue.

» CNCSeries.Com Tournament II (View)23:30 17.10.05
I'll register seen as I just started playing again since redirect.