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» News: Tiberium Wars (View)00:22 29.08.06
poor green goddess Unhappy. Hopefully the game is good enough to warrant a decent community, although real life has taken it's toll on me with school and all. Would love to play with the old guys again now that I actually have a playable connection.

» News: Command and Conquer 3 Announced (View)01:10 21.04.06
yay, new C&C game, but right when I start hitting my upper level math and statistics classes Unhappy. Hopefully EA doesnt screw another game up (ah who am I kidding, better start lowering my expectations now).

» recording games??? (View)23:32 23.02.06
I'm not sure what chris has been using, but I think you can use FRAPS, a fps measuring program that can also record videos.

» February targets? (View)06:27 16.02.06
Probably wont even play a game this month, working on moving in to our new house and stupid university work. But, around the middle of March, I should have DSL, yay.

» News: Some Forum Threads (View)23:13 14.02.06
Rob just wanted to put that 800 pts thread on the front page Tongue

» First car :D (View)19:17 28.01.06

Originally posted by Rob...
Your first car. Cherish it, love it, respect it.... but try not to crash it Tongue

Unless you can use the insurance money, then crash it.

» Stalemate (View)22:17 27.01.06
if he has carriers, then you will ultimately lose, unless he can't reach one of your buildings.

» Hell March 3 (View)18:35 25.01.06
I love Franks music, thats why I bought the c&c soundtrack collection off ebay.

» Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy... (View)21:19 24.01.06
Happy Birfday. What'd ya get?

Mine is on the 30th, turning 20.

» Article: Quick Match Maps (View)19:11 23.01.06
They taste better with syrup?

» 800 points, finally! (View)20:07 20.01.06
Doubt I'll get 720 because I usually do dumb stuff to screw up, but we'll see. Lately I've been playing on my allied nick, just because I have more fun as allies, even though I lose more Happy .

» 800 points, finally! (View)20:02 20.01.06
Nice Rob. You engy any of those games Tongue , heh. My sov nick is at 666pts. Kind of freaky Eek

» Left on Paris (View)03:09 18.01.06
You guessed it, another help/whine thread from me Wink.

I hate when I get the left on Paris Revisitied Unhappy . It happenend twice in a row tonight. It seems hard to be able to compete with top right when they get access to gems and can stretch across the whole map. Whats the best way to handle the left position and is it possible to stretch to middle faster than TR? I just get so frustrated not knowing what to do.

» *dances* (View)20:15 17.01.06
I don't drink, so this works out fine for me Cool . I'd rather spend my money on something that gives me enjoyment and isn't going to be pissed (or vomited) away, lol.

» *dances* (View)19:00 17.01.06
I like driving Grin. I have a mazda mx-6 for a daily driver and a little minittruck that is my project vehicle. I installed air ride suspension on (like hydraulics) pssst pssst. Whats the age in Europe for driving? 16 here where i live.

» Quickmatch Mixing properly? (View)03:42 17.01.06
Ive gotten isle of war, hammer, and blitzen multiple times in a row this month. I'm ready to see some new maps. I wouldn't even mind random generated ones, just to mix things up.

» Caught any cheaters lately? (View)05:30 16.01.06
Well, got me another cheater. Guys name is tankgrad and he almost hid it fairly well, but I caught it in the replay. Map was South Pacific, both allies, him top left. He sends dog straight south, but doesnt scout bottom left derrick. He then tells his engy to capture it and it goes around the left outside of the cliff. The replay clearly shows it and I report it. (replay attached)

Then, for a little fun, I page the kid on XWIS telling him that I caught him in the replay and he should expect a ban soon. Then it gets funny/sad. He starts to try to bargain with me, lol. He says that if I delete the thread, that he will give me 10 free wins, tempting, but not right. I tell him its not right and that he should just take the 16 day ban and never cheat again. I tell him that I am tired of playing cheaters and just want to clean the game up.

Next, he starts saying that he loves the game and is off until Feb 12 and wants to play it. I tell him too bad. Then, he tries the "dude, plz, that was my brother" excuse Roll-Eyes . That doesn't fly with me, and I tell him nice try.
See attached photos Grin

I just can't understand why people continue to cheat when there are multiple warnings about it. Oh well, I had a fun time with this kid, almost felt sorry for him. So have you guys caught anyone lately?

» The spankings cometh (View)23:46 15.01.06
Did they ever get the original WOL server to redirect to XWIS? If they didn't, then you will need to visit the strike-team home page and download the connection tool to change the server ip address.

» Preventing Soviet Naval (View)18:46 15.01.06
well, if you build too many ships, you will bankrupt yourself and he could outtank, I'm just trying to figure out the optimum amount of subs/squids to prevent him.

» Preventing Soviet Naval (View)03:59 15.01.06
I was just wondering what is the best way to prevent soviet naval in late game. I know as allies you can just go 5 dolphins and easily take out a naval yard or whatever. But as sovs, what's the best way to secure the seas for yourself. I am always paranoid if I go straight dread that it will be squided and so I build a squid and about 3 subs. This isn't for naval maps like alaskan or depth charge, but for like "naval expansion maps" kind of like DC, Isle of War, South Pacific, etc. Or is it best just to go dread and try to get their battle lab so they dont get squid?

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