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» News: My copy of RA3 (View)21:18 13.11.08
Haven't gotten it. Don't really intend to unless I hear it's really good.

» News: Red Alert 3: Allied Trailer (View)00:14 12.09.08
I don't think the whole light-hearted attitude is going to work at all. Judging from the trailer there just doesn't seem to be the level of serious you'd see in war.

» News: British actress Gemma Atkinson is Lt. Eva McKenna (View)20:49 06.08.08
Apparently it costs so much they couldn't afford to give her the right insignia. Three strips = seargent, not Lieutenent.

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)19:40 26.07.08
Don't worry, we're all still relearning the game.

» HELP. NEED ONLINE ACCOUNT (View)15:11 24.07.08
I'm pretty sure yes.

» HELP. NEED ONLINE ACCOUNT (View)14:51 23.07.08
That means type up the name you want for online play. It doesn't exist because you haven't made it, so make it.

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)04:13 23.07.08

Originally posted by ScorchEMD...

@ scorched: all that info is in my first post.

*Raises eyebrow*
It's ScorchEMD, not "scorched," and I was really aiming for the total duration of the tournament. (i.e. 1 day, 5 days, ETC.)

Ok then....ScorchEMD, the duration will depend on how fast people are able to contact eachother and play. With players from England, the US, and Australia, it could be difficult due to time differences.

» HELP. NEED ONLINE ACCOUNT (View)14:39 22.07.08
XWIS is the server run by which took over management of RA2 a couple years back. Now I don't think you need any special utility like you did before.

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)14:47 21.07.08
2. Tuasperdu (bigguy)

Should we move this to a more public place on the forum? It doesn't appear in the "new posts" location for non-clan members. Also, is it qm rules with short game, no crates and no supers?

» CNCSeries Red alert 3.1 (View)02:52 20.07.08

Originally posted by havoc73...
forgot to give you all this...
I found an "Educational" Video on what NOT to do with fireworks. Can be viewed here.

I'm a little lost on the relevance here...

» News: Yuriko Omega Unit Spotlight (View)02:49 20.07.08
Indeed...just look at the name...YURIko.

» News: Pretty Much Everything Revealed... (View)15:13 15.07.08
Yeah, the EotRS does seem a bit OP, and hopefully EA will sort that out in the beta.

» News: Pretty Much Everything Revealed... (View)23:30 14.07.08
Overall it looks pretty good, but I'm still disappointed by the simplicity of the economy system, and by the presense of "click to kill" support powers.

» CNCSeries Red alert 3.1 (View)15:43 14.07.08
1.) No, much harder to balance.
2.) The former
3.) Yes
4.) That's a little more up for grabs. Personnally, I'm not a big fan of psychic warfare, but we should discuss this more in depth.

lol me and Erik just posted almost the same thing at the same time.

» News: Twinblade Unit Profile Revealed (View)04:05 13.07.08
Well...the unit that is being transported can't (we think) fire from the helicopter, which is unlike the hammerhead. But I think we're getting just a liiitle bit impassioned about this subtlety.

» HELP. NEED ONLINE ACCOUNT (View)16:51 09.07.08
There should be a registration feature within RA2. But it was a long time ago that I created RA2 logins, so I'm not sure.

» CNCSeries Red alert 3.1 (View)16:53 08.07.08
I would take care of gameplay considerations like how the resources work and tech levels etc, where I think EA has really blown it.

It would be excellent though if they actually listened to RA2 fans as opposed to people who've only played Generals and CNC3.

» HELP. NEED ONLINE ACCOUNT (View)14:03 08.07.08
If you have an account for RA2, I'm pretty sure you can automatically transfer that to YR w/o going to any websites. I think your problem was that your internet was down/unconnected while you were trying to log in.