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» News: New ZH Patch in the works? (View)14:46 09.02.05
the patch will just add a preview video for RA3 Wink

» News: Eradication Wars Released (View)11:47 04.02.05
Damn Rob, you hit the nail on the head then.. now i know what those discussions were about on MSN last night Angry

» News: Mental Omage Mod (View)21:54 03.02.05
Mental Omega not Omage Happy

» News: Community Cognizance (View)11:40 22.01.05
Blergh.. the aftermath

» News: Community Cognizance (View)00:19 22.01.05
i'll probably die, i'm really drunk atm rofl

» News: News of the Community (View)16:40 18.01.05
So many ways you can write "Community News" respect.

» News: Community Items (View)13:40 15.01.05
Rooney is a egocentric prick.

» News: Eradication Wars Is Back (View)20:10 14.01.05
Yay good news Wink

» News: Renegade Skins Galore (View)20:01 14.01.05
i personally don't like it but as theres no well known php alternatives i have to make do with Coranto.

Not on topic but oh well, as for Rene it sucks anyways :P

» How would you like net play handled? (View)15:25 13.01.05
Whatever happened to the idea of the cdkey being your account, and being able to change your name whenever you want

» How would you like net play handled? (View)13:15 09.01.05
Yeah i imagine seeing the model of the unit moving around on a flat terrain in the unit selection menu, much like Warzone 2100 did years ago

» How would you like net play handled? (View)23:45 08.01.05
Being someone that doesnt want things to change I really hope its much like the first 2, which were instant classics and had really great online play, something which after RA2 WW/EA have had great trouble in doing, Generals and Renegade were both complete failures online in terms of what they could of been.

The RA2 system was flawless in every way and like paul said, the Generals system was a complete disgrace, but lets hope its not a 'rushed out of the door' game and clear thought is put into it as to what the gamer wants rather than a rushed way of making money like so many games are these days.

» Online (View)16:38 08.01.05
It was a decent game to play for a short amount of time, the online play was defintely lacking and the netcode was just awful.

RA2/YR had great replay value online, and Renegade was just beaten hands down by many other FPS games of its time which still stand strong today.

» Colds (View)00:08 08.01.05
When I have a cold I just go blue in the face because my nose dosent work, till I realise that I have a mouth of course...

» News: Welcome to Version 8 (View)00:06 08.01.05
Yeah it's great to see the site up and running once again, and that the layout surpasses even the last, which is hard to believe considering the quality of it.

Keep up the great work and dedication, something I wish I could do Roll-Eyes

» Arsenal, Chelsea or United? (View)00:01 08.01.05
Being an Arsenal fan i'd go with Arsenal, so ye, Arsenal for #1 .. I'm not sure who I hate more out of ManU and Chelsea but skillwise Chelsea 2nd.

On another note, Hi guys... Eek