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» News: Happy 5th Birthday CNCSeries! (View)23:21 26.10.05
Congratulations for this achievement, guys! Happy birthday and let's hope we'll be able to celebrate the 10th anniversary from this site in 5 years Wink.

» News: Open Map Competition (View)11:52 18.07.05
For some reason, emails are being unreliable. So, use the alternative emails to submit your maps:


Today is the last submission day. Submit your map immediatelly!

» News: Open Map Competition (View)17:09 12.07.05
These sites are back online Happy.

» Open Map Competition 3: Time is running out! (View)07:40 12.07.05
As some of you may have noticed, CnC Community, CnC World, Savage War and Tiberian Fields are offline. This happens because their host (Valcato) had problems with their datacenter.

Since all OMC emails mentioned below are fowarders from CnC, they are not functional at the moment. So, if you submit your map now through them, your map will not be received.

To solve this problem, we have 3 new temporary fowarders:

For TS/FS:
For RA2/YR:
For Generals/ZH:

Sorry for this inconvenience and I hope you manage to submit your map in time.

» Open Map Competition 3: Time is running out! (View)00:18 04.07.05
Hello, people!

Anyway, I'd like to inform that you only have 2 weeks to submit your Tiberian Sun/ Firestorm, Red Alert 2/YR or Generals/ZH map for the Open Map Competition. You can get games, cash and several other prizes for your mapping skills! Several maps were already submitted and you can submit one entry per game. Use the tutorials linked at Tutorial Links section at the Open Map Competition to aid you. Do not post any screenshots of your map for public, or it will be disqualified.

Now, The OMC section at CnC Community has now a countdown timer. If this countdown is over, submission time is over, so, hurry up and be the next "C&C Mapping God"!

» News: OS SHP Builder 3.32 released! (View)19:33 09.06.05
Thanks for posting a news about OS SHP Builder 3.32 here Happy.

» Who maps? (View)23:12 20.04.05
Hey guys, I thought Ash or Rob would post about it in the site, but... have you guys ever heard of the Open Map Competition?

It's a nice mapping competition for TS, RA2 and Generals being organized by several C&C sites like this one. Take a look at the link below:

» Content: Team Strategy (View)11:54 22.03.05
You could add the CY to the glossary (CY = Construction Yard).

» News: OS SHP Builder 3.3 (View)21:19 21.03.05
Thanks a lot for the news and mirror, Rob Happy.

» Open Source SHP Builder 3.23 released! (View)14:46 06.03.05
Thanks Happy.

» Open Source SHP Builder 3.23 released! (View)05:45 06.03.05
For those who doesn't know what is OS SHP Builder, it's a tool I've been working on for over an year that edits SHP (TS) files, which is the graphical format used in RA2 infantry, buildings, animations, sidebar icons, etc. In january, I've released the version 3.22. Since then, I've been working on OS SHP Builder 3.3 for a while, but recently, a critical bug, reported by so many people has called my attention. The program failed to save graphics that had blank frames between non-blank frames. So, I have interrupted my progress on 3.3 to make a special version to sort this problem. I have also used this oportunity to include the cameo backgrounds that some good people like GameMate, NinBreakerFan, TotalPrime, Factionmk and Carnotaurus donated to me and I have also updated the community links. So, in short, here's OS SHP Builder 3.23 changelog:

- revisions by Banshee
- Critical Bug Fix: OS SHP Builder will no longer corrupt offsets from files saved with compression 3 when the SHP has a blank frame between frames with contents.
- Added: New cameo backgrounds for both TS and RA2 to use with the cameo generator. Special thanks for GameMate, NineBreakerFan, TotalPrime and Factionmk at Sleipnir Stuff for the RA2 cameos. Thanks for Carnotaurus for all the new TS cameos.
- Updated: Community links. Added Rock The Battlefield, TX, Tiberian Fields, Renegade Projects and CnC Guild. Expanded the categories for CnC Tomorrow, Final Alert, CnC Files, CnC Source and Sleipnir Stuff. Fixed CnC Tomorrow url under TS Resources. Removed few links that were offline.

So, I heavly recommend everyone to update your SHP Builder for this version. You can download it at Project Perfect Mod. Support for this tool is available at OS SHP Builder Forums.

If you have a site, feel free to mirror it without asking for permision. Just credit myself and Stucuk for the program. Enjoy it!

» News: Community News (View)02:50 17.02.05

Originally posted by Ash...
Put that in for you.

Thanks Ash. Btw, Return of The Dawn 2.4 has been released! Happy. Check it out, people, it's a very cool mod!

» News: Community News (View)03:29 16.02.05
I like your round up. Just a note:

Project Perfect Mod has updated thier site with some ingame pictures.

- These pictures are screenshots of the upcomming Return Of The Dawn 2.4.

» OS SHP Builder 3.22 released! (View)15:54 10.02.05
Yes, it's very usefull to make graphics for mods. Mainly buildings, infantry, animations and cameos (side bar icons).

» News: Community News (View)15:51 10.02.05
add a 13rd site: Wink

» Mental Omega 1.0 released! (View)16:41 05.02.05
I just noticed I made a little mistake in the name of the title that affected the news about it. Sorry and the problem is fixed here. (Schoolboy error, lol)

» Mental Omega 1.0 released! (View)04:02 01.02.05
For those who enjoy mods, here's a good news. Speeder has finished Mental Omega 1.0. He worked one year in this YR mod that replaces the Yuri with PsiCorps. The mod also adds a lot of new units and changes the entire gameplay adding more challenge and tactics. It also features an optional soundtrack expansion.


Mental Omega site:

Forums at Revora:

Download Mental Omega at:

» News: The First Tiberian War Reviewed (View)20:48 13.01.05
"The First Tiberian War is a conversion for Tiberian Sun."

It's not for Tiberian Sun :P.

Anyway, don't blame Return Of The Dawn for the review the guy did. He was also very strict with Return Of The Dawn, if you take a look at its review. That mod could have easily received a better rating too. The difference is that RotD was worked on for a longer time and what he played wasn't a beta version, it was a finished and patched version (2.3).

TFTW has a great potential and it will be clearly showed in future versions. What did he complained was the... let's call.. "marketing strategy" to release an incomplete sneak peak of the mod very early to acomplish dates... it's the same shit EALA did with Generals. I hope Steppo reviews a finished and patched version of TFTW later. It would be a much better review.

» OS SHP Builder 3.22 released! (View)02:56 09.01.05
I am proud to release this new bug fix version for Open Source SHP Builder. For those who doesnt know, the file format that Westwood used to make RA2 graphics is the SHP (TS)*. This program edits and creates SHP (TS) files. This new version makes the cameo generator fully reliable again, fixes some other stuff and seems to run a little bit faster than the previous versions. Here's the changelog:

- revisions by Banshee
- Added: New preview button. You can now open a preview window without going to the menus.
- Improved: Images and previews makes less use of your video card, speeding things up a bit.
- Bug Fix: OS SHP Builder no longer has problems to load SHP (TS) files with compression 3 when OS SHP Builder Offset Way With Log is set at Preferences -> Loading & Saving.
- Bug Fix: The program will no longer crash or bring an error message when the palette set in the preferences doesnt exist. It will simply read the unittem.pal from Tiberian Sun (default palette of the program).
- Bug Fix: Cameo Generator no longer generates a uber white text when the text has 2 lines of text.
- Bug Fix: You may now place Crash, Light Crash, Big Crash, Big Light Crash, Snow and Dirty at the borders of your image.
- Updated: Community links. Added CnC, fixed CnC Tomorrow url and few others."

And finally, you can download it at

Any constructive feedback will be welcomed in the forums, we also offer support and bug reports can be done there:

Enjoy it!

* Unofficial name of this format used by Olaf Van Der Spek in the XCC Utilities.