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» News: 10 years old today! (View)16:59 25.10.10
Rob now gets schooled by me on the Xbox, not just the PC!

» News: Red Alert 3 online - a big mess (View)21:41 09.11.08
Update: I've had a bit more success later tonight, though despite having a Q6600/4GB/8800GT and an 8mb connection, I would have thought it could have been a tad smoother. Though obviously it's difficult to find out what's the other player.

Now, just to sort out that horrid, horrid online interface. It's like someone's shat all over the screen and then smudged it around with their fingers.

» News: British actress Gemma Atkinson is Lt. Eva McKenna (View)01:44 11.08.08
This is hilarious. Must mention it to Rob/Ash if they've not already seen it.

She's only famous for her massive fake tits, really.

» Who's Playing? (View)19:12 08.06.07
I'm planning on getting properly into it some time in July, I would think. Which will coincide with me having the time to do it and also the funds to buy some new PC parts to make it look all spangly.

At the minute I'm busy about to graduate, working part-time to fund social stuff, and going to job interviews etc.

» Hi,New walkthroughs (View)20:28 20.04.07
Perhaps try doing some for Tiberium Wars

» Battle Report: RobCNCSeries Vs. PaulCNCSeries (View)16:13 09.04.07
That was my second online game and I've had less than 10 experiences of TW so far, including missions, so I'm not very familiar with anything yet. I think I did well to last as long as I did considering Rob's played it quite a bit more than I have!

I'll be whipping you all by summer once my degree has finished Wink

» Battle Report: RobCNCSeries Vs. PaulCNCSeries (View)21:41 08.04.07
Rob's a whore.

» News: Tiberium Wars Artwork (View)12:47 07.04.07
This is awesome.

» News: Demo Released (View)13:44 03.03.07

Go to there and Save As. I downloaded it last night at a fluctuating pace, but thanks to my new broadband at times it hit almost 700k/sec.

Had a quick skirmish:

- zoom doesn't seem to go out far enough. Although I played SupCom recently, which my bias my decision
- graphics look good on second highest settings (3200/6800GT)
- AI seemed better than Generals (thankfully)
- pathfinding broke down when I had 4 harvesters going to the same refinery. I hope that gets fixed else it would be very, very annoying.

» Performance issues on winxp (View)23:16 31.12.06
Won't stop it causing it, though. Re-install your Creative Audigy drivers (they're well known to be awful), and possibly try using your mobo's onboard sound instead.

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)01:19 29.12.06
A guy who'd played 900 (!!!) games this month just bailed on me as soon as Arctic Circle loaded, meaning I'm now at rank 150 with 757 points as Korea. 6th highest Korean player.

» News: Merry Christmas! (View)19:21 25.12.06
Ah, my 15/16-year-old face makes an appearance again.

Here's one from a few months ago, especially for the ladies, like:

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)22:19 20.12.06
RA2 dating?!

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)18:22 18.12.06
I dicked rank 100 last night (as Korea, him Iraq) on Malibu Cliffs without even really trying. Are standards a bit down these days?

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)19:33 11.12.06
Played my first few games in the last few days since the last burst we all had a while back.

Allied nick -

Soviet nick -

» Who plays Dawn Of War? (View)20:37 10.12.06
Got it free, bundled with Company of Heroes, but haven't even installed it yet.

» News: Big News (View)10:53 01.12.06
Almost forgives the dodgy rock music in the video.

» Content update (View)17:30 17.11.06
Yeah, we don't want to pointlessly duplicate what's done on The Den or PCNC. Our strengths lie in tactical advice for players and also in assessing wider issues within the game and its community in the form of articles.

Both of which will be in force when the new game arrives Happy

» I actually played RA2 again! (View)16:32 15.10.06
I played some the other day too! My first in ages. Only played 4 so far, though.


» Need a clan (View)18:41 22.06.06
Contact recruiting clans via our clan system - see the menu on the left.