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» Hi, anyone here? (View)00:37 24.03.07
I still check in every now and then!

» Im impressed (View)03:26 15.02.07
This shit is still going?

I thought Ra2 had been carefully swept under the rug years ago now!

Even more so I thought we had all grown up and gone our seperate ways!

Is anyone from back in the day still here at all? I assume rob lurks somewhere?

» Well lads (View)23:45 17.10.06
agent your name rings a bell!

How you doin?

» looky looky! (View)15:00 30.08.06
Totaly skint mate, and my clutch is on the way out so the bodywork has been neglected for quite a while Unhappy

That was already on when I bought the tailgate Tongue

» looky looky! (View)20:14 28.08.06 there ya go thats the power run! and thats on standard cam and more or less standard exhaust system!

» looky looky! (View)01:49 27.08.06
Been a long time since I posted on here!

Don't know if anyone still remembers me on here, I'm sure some of the more old school ones can!! Good to see the site still up and running after sooo many years!

Oh and rob, I got my car dyno'd the other at 115bhp, beats your 60 Wink

Oops, clicked n the wrong forum to post this Grin

» First car :D (View)15:57 09.02.06
Heh i didnt know loads about the mechanical side of cars at first but i just played Grin

Changing the suspension twice on 2 different cars in 3 days was a gruelling process though!

» First car :D (View)17:00 06.02.06
I done 300 miles on my first day Grin

Ahh yes, the first near miss always good to shake you up a bit! Wait till you get one thats you fault - that'll really shake you up! and calm you down Tongue

Are you doing anything to your car, are you interested in cars atall actually? or is it just something to get you from a to b?

Cheers, my little 1.1 was a gem i loved it! Actually it was slow had no torque and used loads of petrol at 80! Still pokey for a 1.1 though.

» First car :D (View)01:22 06.02.06
not to bad mate! what engine is it? how you find it is to drive? great i imagine!

This is my second car....slightly different to the first as its higher trim level, colour coded bumpers and a bit nippier! I payed 700 for 6 months on this ..

» need advice (View)21:30 07.12.05
(e) Erik is probably ratted so listen to him - drunk love advice is top notch

» What do you look like? (View)21:28 07.12.05
Why do you always look like your gna kill sum1 paul?!

» I remember when Erik didn't drink at all. (View)21:26 07.12.05
We need an interntional CNCS piss up, thats my shout!

» who likess alkohol? (View)23:15 02.12.05
There has been a few times when I have went out with the intention of getting totaly blasted off my head. But like paul said there has been times when ive just wanted a few pints and a coke.

» who likess alkohol? (View)16:41 02.12.05
I certainly like alcohol :d

» Serial Code (View)19:21 28.11.05
There is a way to find it, can anyone remember how in the reg?

» Top 10 Member Reps (View)19:10 28.11.05
OT is where the forum stays alive :P

» Forum Changes Today! (View)23:52 27.11.05
did some1 say rebellion mark 2?

» Forum Changes Today! (View)23:48 27.11.05
well maybe im just thick, don't discriminate :P
bearing in mind you created a button just for you :P

» Forum Changes Today! (View)23:35 27.11.05
ive been around for agessssssssss always posted, only reason i stopped was because u changed the soddin forum link :P

Im entitled to it and you know it bitch!

» Forum Changes Today! (View)22:57 27.11.05
Im sure i deserve a lifetime member badge thingy Grin

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