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» Hi. (View)16:46 04.04.05
Listen i know this is totally unrelated, but does any1 know why whenever i press 'network' on the RA2 main menu it goes straight back to the same screen? i have a proper network, ive played network games b4. On the other machine it works fine, settin up the game WHY?Confused Confused Confused

» Hell March 3 (View)18:43 02.04.05
HM2 personally was mi fave tune in RA2, but in YR they had to take it outAngry Why? was it unpopular. wat do u think?

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)18:36 02.04.05

Originally posted by bigguy563...
I agree. more realistic air to air combat and better AI

yh that would be kool harriers with air to air missiles as well as the standard ones. pity they only carry 1 thoUnhappy

» ideas for ra3 (View)18:33 02.04.05
yh i suppose gud point. anyways, how about some chain gun guy 4 the soviets thats quite slow, and cant attack till u deploy him, then his gun has average range, very powerful, and can even hit aircraft. But it would have 2 be quite espensive to trainUnhappy . Or a transport thing that can carry 5 men and can dig underground, and infiltrate the enemy base. Eg. build like 5 filled with engineers and pop up in their base and take it over lolGrin

» CANT DOWNLOAD ANY mods! (View)12:09 02.04.05
oh ok thx, i have put them ini the RA2 directory, but thx anyway. Oh, and gud point about this not being a map forum soz

» ideas for ra3 (View)22:13 01.04.05
yh too much mind control dosent fit in properley to the game at all. movin on, ideas 4 RA3, perhaps some kind of shotgun trooper style thing. Or another country for the soviets, seeing as they only have 4, allies have 5. also an APC thing that is very slow, can carry like 12 men, and has really thick armour and a lamo gun. (so basically all it is gud for is transportation)

» Who maps? (View)22:07 01.04.05
In final alert 2 the map editor, how comes u cant make roads? in the list of terrains to use there is only grass, snow pavement etc. etc. but NO road?!? how do u make urban maps? even when u turn beginner mode off, its still not there. Any hints on wat im missing here?

» Red Alert? (View)22:03 01.04.05
yh RA1 is pretty kool tho i dont play it any more. Also mi friend used to play the original CnC any1 played it? he said theres this 1 mission where u have like 3 attack dogs, and u have to get past these massive automatic machine guns mounted on turrets, which mow down the dogs instantly when they get close. He never finished the mission, i wondered if any1 had?

» CANT DOWNLOAD ANY mods! (View)21:57 01.04.05
how comes i can only play maps that r 'MMX' format, not 'MAP' formats or 'MPR' or 'MIX'? i can download them but when i go into the game they dont appear on the list of maps

» Do you still play? (View)21:54 01.04.05
lol i played RA2 and YR years ago, they've been sittin in mi cupboard 4 ages and i thought a couple of weeks back 'i know ill play RA2' and i have been ever sinceGrin