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» HISTORY OF THE MAKING! (View)17:48 08.06.05
- invade/conquer mexico (2 missions)

LOL come on you have to make it sound somewhat realistic. Tongue

» HISTORY OF THE MAKING! (View)21:46 21.04.05
I think they need to continue with the story, and have most of the same characters. Grin

» ideas for ra3 (View)21:03 06.04.05
The oline RA3 should also have special lobbies for high ranking playas.Grin You know for generals.

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)23:29 04.04.05

Originally posted by bigguy563...
Checked it in the credits of YR, Tanya is played by Kari Wuher or however her last name is spelled. Anyway, besides the hair she looks the same in those 2 pictures.

Apparently the people who wrote the hand books for ra2 and Yuri had the same problem, her last name is spelled differently in each one. Tongue

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)04:55 01.04.05

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)00:12 01.04.05

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)03:55 31.03.05
What RA3 really needs is some nudity. Grin Just joking. Good luck trying to pass that by the FCC.

Anyway I was just wondering but didn't Tanya look different from RA2 and Yuri. I don't think it was the same character. Another thing I don't get is why they named here that. It a Russian name.

It would be kinda cool if that was like the twist in RA3, Tanya is really a Soviet.

Well my point is if they want to continue the story they need to use the same character in the movies.

» Hell March 3 (View)03:34 31.03.05

Originally posted by jacko3334...
They'll probably get some overstressed EA guy to do it and it'll turn out rubbish.

Yup, that’s probably what’s going to happen. They will try to imitate but will not completely match Frank's style.

» Units you wish to see (View)03:27 31.03.05
Well, im saying that they should still have the typical barracks, naval yard, ect.. they don't have to look exactly the same. They can look totally different. Other units could also be totally diff but they still need to have the same general concept. I just think EA might try to over do it and the final product will be a peace of junk. I think they need those unites to guide them in the correct direction.

» What bones have you broken? (View)02:39 31.03.05
I'm pretty sure I broke one of my toes. I can still remember not being able to walk for like a week. Never got it checked though.

» How would you like net play handled? (View)02:27 31.03.05
2D is the key with online gaming. Online support against hackers and cheaters should always be there. Ranking and other things like badges and honors that you can earn will also be great.

» Units you wish to see (View)02:20 31.03.05
I think most units should stay the same only upgrated.

» Article: Red Alert 3: Ideas for Change (View)02:13 31.03.05
I personally believe the game should be 2D to continue on the legacy of Red Alert. 3D will upset the hard core RA fans and will cease online gaming. The story should continue in its sense as usual with nothing to dramatic. A new unit or two for each side would be nice as well. The online gaming experience should be as it was in Yuri. Clan ranking and special honors and awards with cash prizes would also stimulate a lot of people to compete. The rankings should also include more badges, medals, things you can earn. The key think is to not make to much change. Thank You.