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» Who plays Dawn Of War? (View)21:29 12.11.07
down with the tau up with the imperial guard lol
i collect catachan jungle fighters wit a mechanised arm (tanks in other words)
dawn of war is a gd game necrons are der best tho on der game

» Storyline Idea (View)20:45 12.11.07
i think they should fill in more storyline gaps from between red alert2/yuri's revenge and c&c3. because you don't actually know how the allies from red alert become GDI and Where NOD originated from

» eagle red (View)20:39 12.11.07
ok cheers thanks mateHappy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

» tcp/ip (View)14:13 07.11.07
you can but you need to download a patch. soz but i can't remember where i got my one from

» eagle red (View)14:11 07.11.07
if i install an eagle red mod. will it cock up my yuri's revenge?Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused