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» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)02:10 19.08.08
"scorch u entering???!?!
if u are im going in with ya cant let u stand alone
nick for ra2/yr is snakestk"

Direct quote from SnakesEMD from the -EMD- Forums .

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)01:20 31.07.08
I'll try to get on top of that.

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)17:24 28.07.08
Good news everyone!
our clan member snakestk is in on this.
6. snakestk

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)19:09 26.07.08
I'm now debating wether I should just quit or not...I've been beaten, thrashed around, and just oblitherated in every game I attend. Now, I just don't know anymore...Unhappy

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)18:41 23.07.08
To bigguy563: Oh, I didn't know but that is understandable.

To everyone else: I'm in the process of posting a topic to see if my clan will even bother to help this little venture out. I'll try to get at least SOME -EMD- members into the fray for this or fail trying... but why don't we ATTEMPT to set up a deffenite time for everyone and try to organize this so we can do this without a hitch?

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)01:40 23.07.08

@ scorched: all that info is in my first post.

*Raises eyebrow*
It's ScorchEMD, not "scorched," and I was really aiming for the total duration of the tournament. (i.e. 1 day, 5 days, ETC.)

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)15:07 22.07.08
Query: When does this tourniment start? How long does it run for? What games are used? Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge?Confused

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)23:41 21.07.08
Ah what the hell, I'm in. Grin
3. ScorchEMD (ScorchEMD)

» CNCSeries Red alert 3.1 (View)00:55 20.07.08
forgot to give you all this...
I found an "Educational" Video on what NOT to do with fireworks. Can be viewed here.

» CNCSeries Red alert 3.1 (View)00:51 20.07.08

Originally posted by Spygon...
right okay this is the promised storyline ive been working on so can you tell me what you think and you can put forward anything that you would like seen changed or any other ideas you think would be good to the storyline.

6 months after the allied/soviet army stopped yuri taking over the world the soviet government are made to sign an offical surrender treaty that forces the decommission of the soviet armed forces and will put an allied leader to over watch the soviet union to stop another Premier Romanov style betrayal.But with the signing being announced on all news channels through out the world.The soviet army and citizens feeling betrayed by there government and filled with anger due to the loss to the allies,working with the allies to stop yuri and having allied troops stationed in moscow.So the treaty was the last straw so the mainly intact soviet forces heavly backed by the soviet citzens quickly regrouped and started marching towards moscow.Due to the suprise of the attack and being heavly outnumbered the soviet government loyalists and allied troops stationed at moscow were quickly overwhelmed by the renegade forces who as soon as they took control of the soviet union apointed an unknown veteran general (to be name later) as leader.Due to the allied army being scattered around the world after chasing down yuris army another part of the renegade soviet army that were still on the front lines in the western part of the soviet union.Were quickly ordered to strike back against the scattered allied forces in europe pushing them all the way back into the center of france.Thats where our game starts Grin also the third sides introduction will be revealed soon.So can you tell me what you guys think asap any ideas or concerns are more than welcome thanks

That is impressive but there is one flaw in your backstory. (Yes, I'm a die-hard critic on some things) Romanov was under the influence of Yuri's mind control abilities if I remember correctly because in the Soviet side of Red Alert 2 (The core game) You eventually stumble onto a tape recorded by Romanov himself detailing how he is losing his grip on his own mind and how Yuri is pulling the strings, using him as little more than a puppet to Yuri's own devious gains. But in Yuri's Revenge on the Allies side, Yuri, in a way, admits to using Romanov as a distraction to help him gain a foothold in his world domination schemes.

» News: Yuriko Omega Unit Spotlight (View)00:43 20.07.08
Yeah, I heard about this one about five days ago not very interesting to me although I do own and read Manga...*sigh* yes, I read Manga, so what?

» News: Pretty Much Everything Revealed... (View)01:19 18.07.08

Originally posted by Spygon...
sorry but did you say that the yuris side was balanced Eek as that is totally rubbish as the yuri army is stupidly overpowered so much that still in most online games people wont let you play as that side and i feel the same is going to happen to the empire but i hope im wrong

Nah, I think Yuri's side was really underpowered on normal brute force.
As for min control...Well, it was a stupid idea but the stratigy was easily out-matched by overwhelming numbers and weapons of mass destruction...Happy

» News: Twinblade Unit Profile Revealed (View)01:52 13.07.08

» News: New Red Alert 3 Unit: King Oni (View)01:29 09.07.08

Originally posted by Apocalypse_Tank...
havok73, have you realised that i do not have Renegade and therefore do not care?

In poll related talk, I pick the 4th option to Q1 and the 1st option for Q2

Well, excuse me, how the fuck was I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!?!!??Angry

» News: New Red Alert 3 Unit: King Oni (View)16:23 07.07.08
Apocolypse_Tank, You do realize that there is a stand-alone mod for Renegade called Res Alert: A Path Beyond which basically brings Red Alert 1 and Renegade together. Gameplay is SOLID!!!Grin


» News: Strategy Informer Community Summit Report: Part I (View)17:35 28.06.08
Well, you have to think a bit, this RA3 game is centered a while in the FUTURE not in the past. Updates are needed to stay ahead of the enemy and vice versa.

» News: Strategy Informer Community Summit Report: Part I (View)16:02 27.06.08
There is only Kane...One vision, One purpose, Peace through power.

(Joking around)

» News: Red Alert 3: Official Q&A #5 (View)15:27 26.06.08
Hey, its EALA, they fuck up everything...>_>

» News: Frank Klepacki returns to EA (View)22:30 23.06.08
...Tsunami, I hate you... JKTongue
Anyways, I found it on his official website so I guess that proves it.

» News: Frank Klepacki returns to EA (View)16:21 22.06.08
The last I heard, Frank Klepacki was STAYING with Petroglyph Studios for good. Can you back this info up?Confused

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