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» poll (View)06:36 12.12.07
I have enough experience wih the AFG to deal alot of damage to the enemy the trick is to get King raptor early and quickly attack his first buildings outside of his base like any Tunnel networks or dozers etc.

» How can BLACK LOTUS moving while capture building's ? (View)08:07 20.10.07
The black lotus capturing while moving is possible i think with the Infantry General she can do that .

» Tips for Online gaming (View)05:58 20.10.07
Recently i've came across this strange strategy my enemy decided to rush me in doing so he sold his Command Center to gain some more money and started making alot of Quad Cannons luckily for me i had a few bunkers with a mixture of 3 tank hunters for tanks and 2 red guards for infantry they took out most of his forces alon with the help of some Battlemasters but although a good rush technique it is a one shot chance if you fail to beat your enemy you won't have enough funds to continue with the match which that what happened to him.

» i need a strtegy to use aginst the aurora bombers (View)06:31 16.10.07
I would destroy the strategy center first without it he can't build auroras.

» Tips for Online gaming (View)05:16 16.10.07
So far my stats online is 48 wins and 37 losses first of all multiplayer is way different from solo. On online it is much more cruel and there are very good players who will not give you a chance, I tend to choose battles that are favorable to me and also that the other players are on my skill level.
When i start the game i always have my dozers working if you find yourself doing nothing then you are doing a mistake learn which buildings you need to make and record it into your head so you won't ask yourself "what do i do next?" second spread out your buildings so it won't be affected by Superweapons and generals abilities and remember that always have some defenses within your base and also at the back in order to kill any rebels that appear.
Having just one factory isn't enough to produce more tanks you need more than one factory and also barracks you need to invest your money wisely and make sure to get high up the tech tree to get better units and get your economy going. The general that you choose has some specific abilities that affects your gameplay learn his strengths and weaknesses.

» The Laser General (View)01:37 15.10.07
In most games i play i make rules not to use Auroras, Superweapons also the Battle bus full of Rocket launchers are ruled out as unusable it is very devasting against anything buildings,tanks. I Tend to use my version of the bus the helix with the bunker and 4 tank hunters which is available early in the game.

» Battle Report: Gen.Castro Vs. Ferranci2 (View)17:39 14.10.07
Nuclear Carpet bombing
Lotus quickly captures the enemy's Scud storm
China's Tanks
Hackers at work

» Iran (View)17:32 14.10.07
I'm pretty sure that the american government doesnt want the public to know about what they are doing if they acted like they knew what was going on it will raise suspicion.

» The Laser General (View)17:29 14.10.07
I rely on numbers with a special order of 1 overlord 3 battlemasters and 1 ecm tank i make the tanks in that order and so far has been reliable. China's artillery strike is pretty good since it can't be stopped but the carpet bombing can and if i really have my foe hurting i will use the emp pulse bomb to further trouble him but by then i would be destroying him.

» Band of Brothers (View)16:23 13.10.07
Band of brothers is a very good program i watch it on my computer and i play call of duty 2 the map of carentan is exactly like the setting in band of brothers with the chicken coup and the road where they enter the city.

» The Laser General (View)16:03 13.10.07
I use china's third level of artillery to hit his cold fusion reactors to take out his power and once his power is down use the carpet bombing to further take out more power and send in the tanks.

» OVERLORD TANKs... too powerful? (exp players needed) (View)15:59 13.10.07
My overlord tanks gets destroyed by the battle bus with 8 rockets in it and also the annoying jarmen kell who kills the big guy in the overlord.

» How do i play online?! (View)15:57 13.10.07
Maybe you need to install the patch or put it in the right place but usually it's the install problem.

» Iran (View)15:55 13.10.07
I'm pretty sure that the US has agents keeping an eye on it 24/7 and if Iran tries something that the US thinks it threatening will have it destroyed immediately.

» poll (View)15:45 13.10.07
The infantry general can easily get taken out by toxic weapons and a jarmen kell or pathfinders and he doesn't have any tanks available.

» Please teach me more about Zero H0ur (View)07:41 13.10.07
My response to Gla's artillery is the helix outfitted with the gattling cannon it is very effective against the buggy's and scud launchers weak armor and the helix can take a beating so if there is any quad cannons out there and even better if there is more than one helix can take out quad cannons.

» poll (View)07:30 13.10.07
I use General Tao the nuke general although his nuclear radiation hurts my other units it is good agianst enemy infantry also it can easily destroy rocket buggies simply by it being in the radiation for a little bit i find the other chinese generals lacking but thats just my opinion.