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» WHERE THE F*$% IS EVERYONE?!?!?!?! (View)03:03 07.04.08
im still here to sorry i haven't been posting i have been busy with other stuff

» News: New Red Alert 3 Information (View)02:09 04.03.08
i should try the new army but yeah it kind of sucks that you can't use nukes but im sure they balanced it all out though

» i wonder if this site and rob will be back again once red alert 3 comes out give me your thoughts on (View)03:19 20.02.08
i do hope this site picks up again once red alert 3 comes out that would be awsome so give me your thoughts on the matterTongue

» Red alert 3 announced (View)02:57 20.02.08
im looking forward to the realese and i do hope they don't have to download a whole bunch of stupid patches like cnc3 to me that sucks beacuse im on dialup and it takes to fricken long to download a bunch of patches just to play online thats pretty stupid that they screwed up that areaAngry

» which do you prefer air combat or tank combat (View)00:37 29.01.08
i was wondering what do you prefer air or tank combat me im going to try air combat
im kind of getting tired of tanks so im going to try air combat now so give me your
thoughts thanx

» Where are you all? (View)03:32 28.01.08
im here again im focused and ready to go and play againGrin

» Command and Conquer 3 Expansion prediction (View)23:40 27.01.08
for me i really don't like generals i hated the whole layout of the game it was ok at first but it got really old really fast for me so cnc3 is a big improvementGrin

» What killed Heath Ledger? (View)22:28 27.01.08
whats up guys hows it going hey spygon long time i haven't posted anything since i changed my name from symbology to darksymbology so i thought to post againGrin