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» Who's Playing? (View)03:22 06.07.07
well that sucks i hope you find time it looks like you got to much work not enough time to play try to find somemore time to play more oftenUnhappy

» Fave sides (View)03:18 08.05.07
same here gdi is awsomeGrin

» News: Do EA have their priorities right? (View)23:40 25.04.07
Don't worry i hear ya i know what you mean there alot of things wrong and there is stuff thats awsome but its stupid bugs that are plaging the online world and that pisses everybody off they should of not rushed it therefore its a total waste and thats pretty pathetic and not to mention stupid of them to do thatAngry

» Why does love hurt ???? (View)03:28 21.04.07
well masturbating is one way to go i guessUnhappy

» News: XBox360 gets Tiberium Wars (View)01:37 21.04.07
man tiberium wars on xbox 360 should be intersting im sure the graphics are going to be wicked all in all should be a solid release title thoughGrin

» News: World Builder (Map Editor) Released (View)00:48 21.04.07
dont worry i have had the same problems with that sort of thing but not with that program but with others it did the same thing maybe somethings wrong with the program then again it could be your compConfused

» what are u doing this summer? (View)02:30 14.04.07
nothing much hanging around the house mostly playing video games going to work the usual stuff

» Why does love hurt ???? (View)04:19 08.03.07
another piece of advice don't bother with relationships as they can get pretty hectic i have got dumped three times with the same girl now I'm totally trough with them

» What bones have you broken? (View)03:16 08.03.07
sounds like you had quite the adventure but dangerous though i bet you wouldn't do that again next time stay away from trees or lightning wouldn't want you to get killed now

» Article: Girls and Command & Conquer (View)03:39 28.02.07
i personally say that there should be equal rights for females the problem is that there getting the short end of the stick and the males think they can throw there weight around and say females shouldn't be playing pc games i personally hate males for that reason aloneAngry

» Who uses Ebay? (View)03:23 28.02.07
i don't really use ebay i wouldn't use it myself i rather buy it at a store instead
whatever im buying

» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)03:14 28.02.07
xbox 360 is good but the wii sucks i saw the specs of it ps3 looks awsome i saw the specs of that one and it looks good but im buying the ps3 soon i already have the xbox 360 so its all good

» Who plays Dawn Of War? (View)03:07 28.02.07
i want to try it played the table top miniatures but haven't played dawn of war i heard it was good thoughGrin

» who likess alkohol? (View)02:53 28.02.07
Alcohol Rules Man Nothing Like War Games Typing When Your Drunk And Ra2 Battles

» Red Alert 2 (View)02:46 28.02.07
i agree with lukapolean go buy the first decade its got every c&c game up to generals but i wouldn't buy it on ebay though thats just me i would buy it at eb games

» black screen on load up (View)02:17 28.02.07
its probably the display driver you should check out the updates for the driver he has if you know his specs on his driver update them right away either that or its something else

» Which side will you play? (View)02:08 28.02.07
i will probably play as nod as they have the best evil people ever long live nodGrin

ps: peace people

» Caught any cheaters lately? (View)03:58 27.02.07
i agree with you on that one paul

» What bones have you broken? (View)03:36 27.02.07
i fractured my foot jumping off a swing and i broke my arm but i don't know i cant remember how i broke my arm but i know i did that when i was a kid

» This week i'm mostly playing (View)03:03 21.02.07
ra2 mostly and sports games

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