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» Help please? (View)06:57 13.06.07
well, you could just got o google and search for another no-cd crack, there should be lots, or just go to and download frostwire(p2p program) and download ra2 from the programs section...most of them have a ne cd crack with them...

» broken CD (View)04:19 03.02.07
If you have Frostwire or Limewire, then you can search for a no-cd patch in the programs section..there might be viruses though (I dont know if it is legal or not, though, its p2p)

» cheaters (View)04:17 03.02.07
well, i mean, he used to cheat and he is pretty good at it but he played me and well, learned, and now he is playing fair(but he can still cheat better than anyone i know;;lol)

» cheaters (View)13:57 01.02.07
lol...but i have met some cheaters that can play fair and are pretty good at it too!!some of my friends used to cheat..

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)13:54 01.02.07
what rank were you bafore that??was that at the start of the month or something??

» Map Ideas (View)13:52 01.02.07
I thought that in fisrts decade there is a folder already with red alert 2.....somthing......(forgotGrin) just copy/paste it in there

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)15:08 21.12.06

Originally posted by Paul...
RA2 dating?!

RA2 Wedding...Grin If you invite us, make sure to pay for our plane
I guess i could afford

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)15:11 19.12.06

Originally posted by Paul...
I dicked rank 100 last night (as Korea, him Iraq) on Malibu Cliffs without even really trying. Are standards a bit down these days?

I noticed that too, there are really many "die hard" players online nowadays...
even i, who used to play like 10 hourz a day, havent even played this

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)14:57 18.12.06

Originally posted by Spygon...
maybe not as i just lost 6 games in a row i seem to be keep getting giving maps i dont know Angry but i noticed my loss is due to derricks and rocketeers so in the middle of a rush and suddenly u notice the enemy has a group of rockteers floating about what would you people do Confused

Well....i would suggest that you cancell the production of your tanks and make like 3 flak traks...or if you cant seem to make enough on time, this is only if you have plenty of money, build a radar and build flak troopers....well...that is how i do it at least, and i dont think i am really good so....

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)14:54 18.12.06

Originally posted by Spygon...
he hasnt posted for years im suprised you thought he was still here

You gotta remember that i got a account like 2 months ago....and i dont go around reading like __ year old red alert 2 forum threads...

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)05:06 17.12.06
I think we should just look for his name on the server and add his ID's onto the buddy might work...but other than that, i didnt even know he wasnt on cncseries for a long time, how would i know??

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)15:19 16.12.06

Originally posted by bigguy563...
If only we still had Jacko and Chris...

Chris does not play red alert 2 anymore????thought he still did...

» Need help to remove a mod that won't disappear. (View)15:18 16.12.06
If you still had the disk then i would reccomend reinstalling it...

» Christmas/New Year RA2 (View)10:06 14.12.06 just might kill you if you stare at the screen too much...i feel like s***

» Map Ideas (View)10:04 14.12.06
thx m8...i will try this map out when i play RA2 just got into playing warcraft and battlefield 2...

» Why play as Germany? (View)10:48 13.12.06
I havent seen a lot of people playing germany unless they play random i still think that a battlefortress is better...

» Why play as Germany? (View)15:15 11.12.06
I wish someone would just make a mod and make the battlefortress faster...and more expensive..might be like a special unit like tanya and stuff....but to stay on topic, i still think that a battlefortress is more effective than an tank destroyer...

» Map Ideas (View)15:08 11.12.06
Thx m8...maybe you should list out a couple of how the heck do you download it??(save target as??or just click on it..i just clicked on it and it led me to a code filled page...)

» Help with RA2 patch... (View)15:07 11.12.06
never mind about his.. found out it was my RA2's problem...and i just reinstalled it...

» Why play as Germany? (View)07:47 08.12.06
I would rather use a battle fortress and load them up with 4 guardian gi's and 1 seal...its a good combination....but i wouldnt use them on big maps with wide open areas. and about manuevering battel fortress' how do you maneuver a battle fortress with 4 guardian gi's???

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