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» Iran (View)10:44 02.11.07
This is how its going....

USA won't back down = more sactions and gradually more threats...

Iran won't back down, usa's attitude is fuel for iranian propaganda, sactions hurt people more than government = more hatred for USA.

Russia and China will as usual ignore sanctions playing their own political game, they dont give a stuff about Iran but are looking to increase their own influence.

In all this could easily be one huge almighty f+*k up. I think the key thing is who gets in as the next pres of USA, tho george still has time to mess things up.

» Star Wars Three, anyone? (WARNING SPOILERS!!!) (View)08:40 29.08.07
I thought LOTR was a good trilogy... then I read the book and realised how much Jackson raped it into another piece of hollywood...

I love the original starwars, but the modern ones were a major disapointment. Lucas is old, rich and fat and I guess lost some of his marbles.

My thought was that the Phantom menace should have been about Anakin from birth and they could have skipped alot of the politics etc.

» Opinion on Bush (View)08:31 29.08.07
What George dont get is, if he is constantly publicly threatening Iran (like he did yesterday) they will never back down and lose face.

Lets say china/russia were threatening the US in the same way would the US back down? Nooooooooo

We need talk lots of long talk between iran and the US not aggressive rhetoric which is all we are getting from Bush and Armadinnerjacket or whatever his name is.

» Help please? (View)14:25 11.06.07

Can someone help me with how to no-cd crack my ra2?

I have the crack from mega games but there are no instructions. I seem to remember I have to take the mix files from the cd???

To try and cut a long story short, my dvd has died on my laptop and my external drive seems to not be able to handle games, probably coz its through my usb.
I had the crack before but due to norton being crap I've had to have my laptop wiped after a trojan invasion + ST r playing the EA line and delete my requests for help!!! assholes!Roll-Eyes


» Hi,New walkthroughs (View)11:42 20.04.07
I have never got around to finishing the ra2 missions are they worth it?

Ra 1 missions used to get me mad. Heres a group of soldiers now walk them straight into shrouded flame towers and start all over againAngry

» HOW ABOUT SPYING EACHOTHER? (View)09:20 26.03.07
Spying your team m8 is considered lame for obvious reasons, especially if you are up against a team of 2 sovs.

But engi capturing your team mates building isn't, because if you have to do it, its more than likely for survival.And if not, cap a spare mcv you still have to build through the tech tree which takes cash that could otherwise be spent on units.

» Iraq (View)08:59 16.03.07
Big guy I can tell you are stars and stripes through and through.

I think youre being a little naive though, there is always a bigger picture.

Iraqs oil will be de-nationalised, privitised whatever, and if the industry is not sold off to US and british oil companies I would be very suprised. Each an every country looks after its own interests first. Having iraqs oil controlled by western comps means stability in oil prices which in turn affects western economies a great deal.

Don't be fooled into thinking the allies are on some sort of moral crusade. Even Bush has admitted at least 30,000 civillians have died since the war began.
I guess my point all along is that the war is all about protecting national interest first and foremost.

» Iraq (View)09:33 15.03.07
(quote big guy)American oil interests have nothing to do with this since the Iraqis control the oil.

+ from the reports it seems that Mr Bush's troop surge is working, I will happily eat my earlier cynical words if they are getting results.Grin

» Iraq (View)16:11 28.02.07
Youre right about corruption, its evil. My Mrs (a ukrainian) used to care for the horses of a mafia guy, he used to sauna with the chief of police and some hookers every week!!!

Bush wasn't telling porky pies when he said he was invading iraq to protect the usa, he was, but not against wmd's but securing oil(not for free, but to control the price). Oil is the linch pin of the western economy.And so he is protecting american interests.

If Bush (I say bush because he would have done it without any allies) invaded Iraq because they had WMD's then he will have to invade Iran sooner or later won't he? and that makes me scared, very scared. I have no doubt that the usa has the strength to win, but at what cost? It would weaken the usa, and with china growing so fast could change the world balance of power.

» What bones have you broken? (View)12:44 28.02.07
All I remember is orange and purple and then running like a mad man. I stopped because my mates were still there and shouted to them are they O.K. my m8 dan says'gregs hairs on fire' so I said 'put it out then' lol, greg had a can of lynx in his rucksack which had exploded!

We all went to hospital for checks but were ok, and had entry and exit marks where the lighting had come and gone. I think the funniest thing was greg, who was parlysed for sometime and said, as he lay under the tree ' I don't want to die a virgin' rofl he has never lived it down.Happy

» Iraq (View)10:55 28.02.07

Originally posted by bigguy563...

Originally posted by matsmiff...
The whole situation is lost in iraq, Bush's strategy is all wrong but we all know he is going to do it his way and no other.

Britains pull out is because Blair knows we are on a loser there and he wants to concentrate more on afganistan, where I personally think a more just war is being fought.

To be honest I'm ashamed of us going into iraq without a UN resolution, the war is illegal and it makes us no better than those we went to fight.

For clarity's sake, I'll point out that the war in Iraq was legal. When Saddam violated the Gulf War Treaty, and did so 17 times, that gave the US and Britain legal authority to remove him. Suggesting that a nation needs authorization from other nations to deal with their National security interests is simply misguided and underminds the Nation's status as a sovereign nation.

Second, I don't believe Britain's drawdown is a sign of giving up. Areas outside of Baghdad and Anbar Province, including Basra and much of the South where most of Britain's forces operate, are actually relatively quiet. It's getting to the point where Iraqi forces can take control and hold the peace.

And when you talk about how it's either Bush's way or no way, do consider that Bush is in fact, the Commander in Chief of American Forces. The plan in 2006 was not working. Everyone could see that, including Bush, so he changed strategy. Bush, working with Petraeus, has come up with a new plan, and US democrats have no real alternative. This is probably due to the fact that they are not actually acknowledging the change, acting like it's more troops doing the same thing.

I also think it is too early to throw in the towel. Failure in Iraq could lead to a larger regional war. With this Baghdad security plan, at the very least we are giving the Iraqis the lead role, an experience which will hopefully serve them well when we leave. Maliki is beginning to live up to his promises and is putting pressure on Sadr.

It would seem we have opposite views big guy.

The war is illegal, under international law it is illegal for one state to invade another to initiate regime change. If saddam had violated the gulf war treaty, in which there is a clause saying if he violates this we can remove him why oh why was the justification for going to war WMD's? which were never found. If there was other jusification we would be hearing about it every day on the news. Yes saddam was a bad man and yes a murderer but come on is that why we went to war? there are other countries, especially in africa were mass murder and mad leaders kill thier people, do we steam in no, why? because it doesn't serve our national interest.

I agree that to leave Iraq would be a disaster for the region, but bush has not listened to the iraq study groups conclusions and is determined that force will win the day. This will not work for several reasons.

Firstly the hearts and minds of iraqis need to be won, not an easy task and not something american forces have the best record of doing well or even can do with the pressure they are under.

Secondly, neighbours interfering in iraq. There is no way iraqs vast borders can be policed properly and so weapons, money and soldiers will keep arriving. The border is vast, and as we all know its hard enough to police the border to mexico let alone iran.

Thirdly, terrorism is not easily defeated, they will hide, they will wait they will kill themselves when needed. We don't have unlimited time or will to go on forever.

But really the final outcome is down to the iraqis, no matter how much help is given THEY are the only ones who can resolve the conflict. Thier culture is so different than ours, who says they want democracy? we did. Who says they have the will and heart to keep a free and democratic land? why do we in the west assume that our way is best? or is even wanted in other lands. It is like a crusade of old, instead of spreading christainity we are spreading democracy, whats the difference?

I still think oil is the biggest reason for all of this, its no coincedence that iraq has the 2nd biggest oil reserves in the world. In other words we are serving our own national interest and nothing else, and that has led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

» Who uses Ebay? (View)09:27 28.02.07
I buy and sell. I have been screwed out of a tenner once tho.

Have got rid of a load of old transformers from the loft, one went for 22!

» Iraq (View)16:37 27.02.07
The whole situation is lost in iraq, Bush's strategy is all wrong but we all know he is going to do it his way and no other.

Britains pull out is because Blair knows we are on a loser there and he wants to concentrate more on afganistan, where I personally think a more just war is being fought.

To be honest I'm ashamed of us going into iraq without a UN resolution, the war is illegal and it makes us no better than those we went to fight.

» What bones have you broken? (View)16:21 27.02.07
aint broken a thing (yet), was struck by lightning tho, was sheltering under a tree coz I was trying to roll up and didnt want wet rizlas, smoking is baaad for your health tho it never warned me of that on the packet. Btw I made the front page of the cambridge evening news!

» Caught any cheaters lately? (View)13:31 27.02.07
nice one m8, make the cheaters sweat.

» This week i'm mostly playing (View)14:13 22.02.07
ra2 ra2 ra2, somebody plse ban this game i've never played a game so much and for so long.

My poor ps2 has half an inch of dust on it, tho I did blow it off(fnar fnar) and was playing 4 player olympics and 4 player MOH rising sun a couple of weeks ago.

» I need some advice (View)16:21 25.01.07
Hey Guys,

I'm beginning to work my way towards the higher reaches of the ladder and finding life a bit hard against good allied players on mid to large maps.

How can I beat the griz/mirage/sniper ivf combo?

I don't really have an answer, my desos get owned and even if I'm out tanking the opponent its hard to make the extra numbers count.

Any pearls of wisdom you can share?

» Why does love hurt ???? (View)10:36 08.01.07
Dude beating this guy up won't help you get the girl, tho I'm sure you'd feel a bit better!Happy

The best advice I can give is just be her friend and be patient, if you've let her know how you feel then the ball is in her court and there is little you can do.

And for gods sake don't feel suicidal over a woman or do anything stupid.

Be cool, be patient and try to kop off with her best mate Wink

» The Third Side (View)12:48 02.01.07
The December 2006 issue of the Games for Windows magazine confirmed that the mysterious third side will be an extra-terrestrial species, the units and structures of which feature a distinct insect-like appearance. Additionally, in FMV trailer footage Kane himself is heard to refer to them as "the Visitors", and is seen to become enraged when he learns his General Kilian Qatar considers the alien species to be a greater threat to Nod than even the GDI. Further in-game specifics on this alien species are still to be revealed as of yet.

Mutant Mercenaries

In their November 2006 podcast, EALA revealed the existence of a "mutant hovel", a type of tech building that a player can take over and use to build a variety of mutant mercenary units. While they do not make up a new side on their own, they are a useful addition to any army as mutant soldiers traditionally have greater combat skills than the basic Nod and GDI infantry units.

» The Third Side (View)09:15 02.01.07
I like the red alert series because there is "some" sense of realism.

Yuri didnt appeal to me, aliens sure as hell won't.

If the third side is any good i.e properly balanced and not just as a for fun reward then they would be included from the start.

But then again I like rewards for completing games, nothing is more disappointing than busting ya balls to get through a game to be rewarded only by a small vid saying congrats.

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