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» News: New Zero Hour Patch Announced! (View)01:39 28.02.05
I hate EA. They're just making this patch so people will stop complain about all the cheaters. u know ea perposly put those cheat in the game. I have my sources i am the FBI afterall. Also i haven't been able to win a game in weeks cause i get mismached or disconnected. Why did u have to kill westwood EA???? What did they do 2 u????? Angry grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! be careful im the government EA

» Article: Red Alert 3: False promises & Future musings (View)01:31 28.02.05
EA sux they dont care about their games. Once a new game comes out they switch to supporting that game like a fad. Westwood was alot better they actually put work and effort in thier games. Anyway, it would be cool if they had a game that was an fps and rts at the same time like battlezone. I'm trrying too make a game but its very hard. I cant think of anything elese to say.