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» Which side will you play? (View)06:30 27.04.06
I will be NOD, unless they don't have any interesting units like they did in TS. Otherwise I'd pick GDI.

» C&C 3 Announced! (View)08:06 24.04.06
I can say I'm very pleased with this news. I knew that they'd be announcing the new game after the release of the first decade pack.

I was a bit dissapointed when they said earlier that the next game was going to be RA3, the tiberium storyline is much more engaging and exciting than the red alert or generals series.

Let's just hope it isn't a starcrap rip-off (the GDI soldiers kinda look like terrans in those renders)

» Cold (View)19:31 19.11.05
3 days ago we just got like a foot and a half of snow in one day. It also got below -20 C, but now it's warming up.

» What are a good players best attributes? (View)18:09 20.10.05
Positioning is everything. If you can capture key points on the map and defend them well, then you'll have a much better economy than your opponent. Micro-managing, reaction and knowledge of your opponent doesn't matter when he has twice as many tanks as you do.

» Whos still alive? (View)07:10 26.09.05
I'm still here.

I'm in uni right now so I'm afraid to buy any new games for my comp. Nothing better to do on my computer but to hang out in forums.

» Who uses Ebay? (View)07:08 26.09.05
I don't use it because I don't trust it, and I basically like getting my stuff new instead of used.

My brother's gf recently got f*cked over by E-bay. She sent her money for her order, but never received her package. The crazy american lady she ordered it from claims she didn't get the money yet so she won't send the item.

Basically there's nothing you can do in a situation like this and it's just frustrating.

» London Attacks (View)08:51 10.07.05
I hope all the brits in these forums are alright.

My condolences to the families and friends of those who were killed and severely injured.

» Star Wars Three, anyone? (WARNING SPOILERS!!!) (View)16:44 13.06.05
lol, you didn't see anything wrong with mark hamill??? The scene where he gets his hand cut off is sad and hilarious at the same time!

» New base design! (View)16:43 13.06.05
Chances are if your opponent has refineries outside his base he's keeping an eye on them. If he's scouted the map like any smart player would, then he'll see your tanks coming from a mile away and immediately send his tanks to the targetted refinery. Since he has more refineries, odds are that he has a lot more tanks than you do.

We know you're trying to be nice and everything, but your strategy just doesn't work. And it's not just jacko, anybody who's been playing this game for more than a few months should know this.

» Star Wars Three, anyone? (WARNING SPOILERS!!!) (View)10:04 06.06.05

Originally posted by erikmcfar...
How can you say with a straight face that the acting in the original three was not better than the latest three? Do I have to bring up Jar Jar Binks? Unglaublich!

Wasn't he supposed to be dumb and annoying? If so I think he acted out his part a little too well, wouldn't you agree? Wink

But the point I'm trying to make is that the acting in the original episodes is terrible as well yet nobody seems to mind. Bad acting isn't where the new episodes failed, and it should just be ignored. After all, who goes to a star wars movie because of the acting anyways?

» Star Wars Three, anyone? (WARNING SPOILERS!!!) (View)20:19 04.06.05
You know the acting wasn't any better in episodes 4, 5, and 6. The only points where the acting/dialogue was better and more beleivable in the original series was in the romance scenes (Leia + Han vs. Anakin + Padme). Also note that there were a wider range of emotions and situations to play out in episode 3 than any other episode.

I liked the movie, and I think the new trilogy could've been sooo much better than the old trilogy if they hadn't rushed everything at the end. Now that I think back, not much happened in episode 2, they could've squeezed some parts of episode 3 into there and put more detail into the fall of anakin.

My favorites:

1. ESB
2. ANH
3. RoTS
4. RoTJ
5. AoTC
6. PM

» Most awaited game? (View)07:49 23.04.05

The new one is coming out in Q4 this year.

» McDonalds - What does it mean to you? (View)08:42 14.04.05

Originally posted by Triarii...
Can anyone actually think of someone who eats nothing but fast food, of any kind. There are also the variables, in my opinion most people visit a fast food chain about 3 times a month, maybe less/more. But in between there is exercise, everyone does that in varying amounts(even if only walking around the house) and they also eat other foods which may in conjunction with the exercise balance out the effects of the fast food. In my opinion Supersize Me is just a money spinner, the creator would have made money off of it and he knew that before doing it, it's just bad luck that McDonalds happened to be the corporation he chose to sacrifice.

The creator himself said that he could've easily chosen burger king, kfc, or any other fast-food chain. Macdonalds just had a better impact because of its image, and because that image is more commonly known than that of say burger king.

It's not really picking on macdonalds either. Do you think somebody's going to say "I don't wanna go to macdonalds, it's too unhealthy. I'm going to taco bell instead". No, people will start eating less fast food in general, not just less macdonalds.

They did include the average amount of exercise in the movie remember? He monitered how far he walked in a day to be comparable to the average american.

Lastly, nobody eats fastfood for every meal of the day. If you saw the movie there were very immediate effects to the guy's health. He's just looking at the short term effects it has on your body. Long term health problems could easily be caused partially by eating fast food once or twice a week.

» Prince Marries BOW WOW (View)20:08 12.04.05
So does alcohol...

I bet he was pretty wasted the entire wedding.

» Tournament Round II (View)05:51 12.04.05
Yeah sorry I wasn't there for my match, university just got busy for me (I've got 5 finals to write this term).

» What TV Series do you watch? (View)08:58 05.04.05
trailer park boys
and the occasional episode of seinfeld

» McDonalds - What does it mean to you? (View)08:56 05.04.05
I hardly ever eat at MacDonald's either (never more than once every 2 months). It's a last resort, when I'm really hungry, too lazy, too cheap, and it's too late at night to be able to buy anything else.

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)08:18 22.03.05

Originally posted by AvianKnight...
There's this guy who says players build Auroras only since they're essentially the same with the other 2 US planes. You probably don't know that the Aurora costs 2500, while the Raptor costs 1200, that the Aurora bombers have only one weapon, can't dogfight and is so fragile?

That person also said Gen had inadequate AA, while another said the King Raptor is so powerful. Ever heard about the Avenger lasers? The Gattling weapons?

Auroras are so fast that they can evade all AA except on the way back. While they only have one weapon, it is the most powerful weapon in the game, and it has splash damage. Not only does the aurora handle taking out key structures, but it can also eliminate large groups of tanks no problem. Lastly, dogfighting just doesn't happen that much.

Yeah you're right, Gen had good AA compared to RA2, but any somewhat dedicated AA in RA2 was enough to handle most air threats. A dedicated AA in gen is just a waste of cash.

I still beleive complicated dogfights, units and upgrades should be left out of the game. They go against the basic gameplay that the CnC series has stuck with since the beginning, and has made it successful. Why change CnC when chances are it's for worse?

» What are you listening to right now? (View)08:02 22.03.05
Pink Floyd - Not Now John

» News: Feeling Nostalgic? (View)09:15 14.03.05
I still gots my N64 version. No skirmish on this version though Unhappy

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