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» Server Upgrade - Testing (View)15:13 23.01.09
CNCSeries is now actually on a UK server, for possibly the first time ever.

Everything seems to be working fine - let me know if any problems.

Hope all the regulars are well and enjoying C&C still.

All the best guys!

» i wonder if this site and rob will be back again once red alert 3 comes out give me your thoughts on (View)22:00 21.02.08
I find some of the comments in this thread disrespectful to be honest. I don't have any 'obligation' to spend time working on this site. I spent countless hours creating the website and a strong community several years ago, when I had time.

Unfortunately, as is the case with real life, I don't have the time I once had. I have other obligations and commitments which prevent me from spending much time here. The other main reason why I'm not about much is because I don't play the games anymore - I always said I didn't like fansites created by people who didn't play the games properly, and I still stand by that. I'm not going to devote endless hours talking about something I don't properly understand.

The idea of passing control on could be explored in the future, but I don't have much idea of who is who anymore - hence I would be reluctant to just pass over the steering wheel. In the meantime, the forum still works perfectly and there is an attachments system - there is nothing to stop you from creating threads which serve as articles or downloads. I could create more emphasis on the forum if people were to do this.

I am glad to see people are still posting though, the site does have some very valuable content but admittedly for games pre-Generals.

» Where are you all? (View)17:01 08.10.07
There aren't any plans for a massive resurrection I'm afraid - I don't think there are enough people who want to or have the time to do it.

The site will remain online, it is an excellent resource and always will be. I'm glad to see people still using the forum and keeping some sort of activity going.

There always seems to be a healthy number of guests browsing the site, so it certainly indicates people still come here to find something, if not for the forum.

» Who's Playing? (View)22:53 06.06.07
Yep a few games a week here and there! Pretty good!

» Best cnc match ever? (View)17:43 11.05.07
Sounds cool but there's no way I'm watching a 3 hour replay Grin

I think you have to zip them up before using the upload form as there is some problem with the weird filenames the replays generate.

» Hi there! (View)16:32 24.04.07
The man, the myth, Chris!!

What are you upto these days mate? Are you not studying anymore?

» Hi,New walkthroughs (View)11:25 19.04.07
Yea no offence mate but I really can't even remember the missions (it was 7 years ago now!!) so I can't say if those walkthroughs are any better.

» News: TW replay manager (View)15:03 10.04.07
I still think the whole online problems are a bit of a fiasco - so it definitely hasn't been a brilliant success in my opinion.

There are many people who can't play online at all, which must be very frustrating especially when a lot of people will have bought the game purely for the online aspect.

It is ridiculous to expect players to be able to configure ports on routers and change all other sorts of settings just for the sake of a game working online. Plenty of other online games work absolutely fine without any such issues.

EA has made a very big cock-up regarding the online system. They should be using their resources to reassure fans and work on the problems than releasing silly podcasts about 'Apoc' which will be of little amusement to anyone over the age of 5.

» Hi all, Question (View)23:42 09.04.07
Just post it in here mate.

Check the FAQ for information on ranks!

» Battle Report: RobCNCSeries Vs. PaulCNCSeries (View)12:16 09.04.07
Hey glad you enjoyed watching the replay mate - by all means feel free to criticize and give hints; we may have been good at RA2 but we definitely suck at TW Wink

My main aim at the minute is to retain build speed (this should be golden across all C&C games; place your buildings as soon as they are ready and build towards tiberium or choke points).

My basic build order is basically the same as RA2 - refinery, war, refinery (sell), refinery (sell), war/refinery.

Tanks come out first plus a buggy for killing infantry.

» Hi all, Question (View)17:45 08.04.07
Nope, patch won't add units either.

You can call transports for some units but they only carry that one unit.

» Fave tiberuim wars unit (View)17:45 08.04.07
Hey Chris, good to see you're playing! Are you still on MSN? We should have a few games sometime.

» Fave tiberuim wars unit (View)23:02 04.04.07
I don't really have a clear favourite yet but I do like the Nod stealth bombers, very handy.

» XWIF (View)23:01 04.04.07
Hi mate, I think that software is years out of date now. Cheating isn't such a problem on RA2 these days because it's on a community server which is administrated far more effectively than WOL was.

» Nod Campaign ending - total let down (View)21:19 03.04.07
Spygon - you were right mate. What a lot of rubbish.

A 15 second video or something and it was pretty damn boring.

I just didn't feel any sense of achievement - after spending ages on the last few missions you should get a good ending actually showing what happens instead of Kane just basically saying well done.


» I don't like the Scrin side (View)16:56 02.04.07
I think there is an argument for an element of simplicity in computers games - thus preventing people from having to spend endless hours in order to become vaguely familiar with them.

In regard to C&C3, I find it annoying how the Scrin side is, from what I've played so far, very different to the other two sides and uses totally different names for all structures and so forth. Why not just call the 'Gravity Stabilizer' or whatever the hell it's called an 'MCV'?

This means it's going to take a lot longer to become familiar with all the buildings and unit (both from the point of playing with or against the Scrin).

I pretty much had the exact same issue with the introduction of Yuri's side into Yuri's Revenge; how can you balance a side so totally different. The whole success of Red Alert 2 was that you had fairly similar sides in terms of units and structures.

Any one else got an opinion on this?

» News: Patch 1.03 Released (View)11:26 02.04.07
Jamie, no offence mate (because I appreciate you posting updates in the forum), but a patch release is hardly a big secret - I'm sure Jeremy could have noticed it on any number of sites before he posted it here.

» Campaign Progress? (View)19:47 01.04.07
I'm on the last Nod one I think or maybe penultimate.

Spygon - that doesn't fill me with promise Unhappy