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Started by: cncgamingsource on 10.04.07 @ 6:00 PM
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Posted by cncgamingsource, 18:00 10.04.07

Why do you need a response when we have consistently said the stats issue is being worked on?! This is getting a bit ridiculous. Everyone take a big breath and relax, I promise you this is our top priority and we're addressing as quickly as humanly possible ).gif

I apologize for not replying on page 8 or 15 or 21, but again, we've been working very hard on correcting the stats issue.

Your stats are still there, it is a server back-end processing issue that we are working out and should have resolution on very soon. Once we do, all of your stats will be updated that you don't see. Right now they are just taking significantly longer to update.

Also, we have not started any tournaments or contests related to stats, so you are not missing out on anything but personal pride. Believe me, I understand completely.

We will get this fixed asap as we having been working towards.

Apologies all around if you feel we have not communicated this well, but we stickied threads, talked in the lobbys, trust us, this is our top priority.

Operation Fix Stats has been well underway. Will keep you posted promptly.

Thank you,

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