News: TW replay manager
Started by: Spygon on 10.04.07 @ 10:32 AM
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Posted by Spygon, 10:32 10.04.07
i just surprised how much people have already put in to this game and it hasnt even been out more than two weeks like four patches and aload clever programs to help players it just show that tw has been a success and the community are making sure that everything is up to date and shinyGrin

Posted by Rob, 15:03 10.04.07
I still think the whole online problems are a bit of a fiasco - so it definitely hasn't been a brilliant success in my opinion.

There are many people who can't play online at all, which must be very frustrating especially when a lot of people will have bought the game purely for the online aspect.

It is ridiculous to expect players to be able to configure ports on routers and change all other sorts of settings just for the sake of a game working online. Plenty of other online games work absolutely fine without any such issues.

EA has made a very big cock-up regarding the online system. They should be using their resources to reassure fans and work on the problems than releasing silly podcasts about 'Apoc' which will be of little amusement to anyone over the age of 5.
Posted by Spygon, 19:16 10.04.07
yeah thinking about the online bit i agree must be real annoying i did the it didnt effect me so forgot about it Embarassed .That was abit bad but yeah i can see that it has been a big cock up due to that i dint realise they were telling normal gamers to do that kinda of stuff Eek.Im lucky i was top of my class in ict and did a one year course at college so i know quite abit about pcs but they shouldnt expect all people that play games on a pc to have alot of knowledge about there machine let alone how to use it to change things.So yes i have basically contradicted my original post but i forgot about people having online problems and ea expect them to have some knowledge of hardware when they should be able to just get on with the game.