Battle Report: RobCNCSeries Vs. PaulCNCSeries
Started by: Paul on 08.04.07 @ 9:41 PM
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Posted by Paul, 21:41 08.04.07
Rob's a whore.

Posted by Spygon, 22:57 08.04.07
lol hi i would like to raise some questions about that battle but before you jump on me im just raising them as i was wondering why didnt you do them and see if there was any major reason as yes im playing online under a secret name because i still cant get any real tatics down to play online yet so im just expermenting online at the mo.Right for the questions one paul it looked like you were going for a early mutant build up so you could subdue robs infantry and take hold of the map early but when you captured it you just let the building stand there for most of the battle was there any reason for this?.Two uumm how shall i say this lol why did you both keep low powering your base you do know how to play cnc dont you Tongue.And the last one as i said this is just a few things i picked up as at the moment u both probly can blitz me online but paul i realise you moved your mcv to get out of the blast of the nuke but it was very risky and blew up in your face do you know that your constuction yard can take a nuke blast but when its packed up it cant.But other than that good game and was there any tatics you have already started to base you game on as i can think of any except build shit loads of preds and do a quick kinda rush on non gdi bases but other than that im stumped Eek .
Posted by Rob, 12:16 09.04.07
Hey glad you enjoyed watching the replay mate - by all means feel free to criticize and give hints; we may have been good at RA2 but we definitely suck at TW Wink

My main aim at the minute is to retain build speed (this should be golden across all C&C games; place your buildings as soon as they are ready and build towards tiberium or choke points).

My basic build order is basically the same as RA2 - refinery, war, refinery (sell), refinery (sell), war/refinery.

Tanks come out first plus a buggy for killing infantry.
Posted by Chaotixs, 13:01 09.04.07
Although I haven't played online (and am unlikely too for some time due to time available and the fact I aint anywhere near finishing single-player) I'd imagine youd really want to have cranes in your build order. Just imagine the rush potential in ra2 with these...
Posted by Spygon, 13:07 09.04.07
thre the first thing i build my normal builiding tree in single player is normaly construction yard builds crane then power plant as crane builds refinery then you should be able to build a barracks just as the crane finishes the refinery.Then the construction yard build war factory as the crane builds another power plant then crane builds command post when the thats done i have the construction yard build tech lab as soon as thats done one builds super weapons as the other builds base defences so its only gd if your enemy isnt going to rush you that why i dont like using it online Unhappy
Posted by Paul, 16:13 09.04.07
That was my second online game and I've had less than 10 experiences of TW so far, including missions, so I'm not very familiar with anything yet. I think I did well to last as long as I did considering Rob's played it quite a bit more than I have!

I'll be whipping you all by summer once my degree has finished Wink
Posted by Spygon, 17:23 09.04.07
really? you did amazing if you havent been playin much of cnc 3 i won my first offical online game under my real cnc name Grin .But it was hard and had to pull of a few cnc classic tatics to pull it off as i should of lost but managed at the last minute to win Grin.I think it surprised me as much as my enemy lol