Hi all, Question
Started by: f1r3f0x on 08.04.07 @ 3:12 PM
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Posted by f1r3f0x, 15:12 08.04.07
Is there a NOD carry vehicle?
and does the patch contain new units? for exampe a carryall airplane?
or these new units will be released at the expansion pack?

Posted by Rob, 17:45 08.04.07
Nope, patch won't add units either.

You can call transports for some units but they only carry that one unit.
Posted by f1r3f0x, 16:24 09.04.07
how can i post some of stuff i would like to share about generals,RA2-revenge and CNC?

should i post it here, or put in wrd/txt document and upload it somehow?

-a mind is a terrible thing to waste-/ comrade general YURI (lol)
Posted by f1r3f0x, 16:32 09.04.07
how can i also rank up?
what is the highest lvl?
does it all depend on my time registerd in this site?
Posted by Rob, 23:42 09.04.07
Just post it in here mate.

Check the FAQ for information on ranks!