Fave tiberuim wars unit
Started by: Spygon on 04.04.07 @ 12:31 PM
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Posted by Spygon, 12:31 04.04.07
mines has to be the avatar warmech put a beam cannon and stealth generator on about five of them and watch as they smash into a base and destroy everything Grin .It nearly unstopable put a few stealth tanks around it to knock out air attacks and its nearly the perfect assualt group that can smash most base defences and hold ground if needed.But i also like the shadow team but it must be the avatar because it easlily the best walker and upgrade it abit and you got a mobile battle platform that kicks ass.

Posted by bigguy563, 13:32 04.04.07
My personal favorite is the mammoth tank, especially with rail gun upgrade.
Posted by Rob, 23:02 04.04.07
I don't really have a clear favourite yet but I do like the Nod stealth bombers, very handy.
Posted by f1r3f0x, 15:09 08.04.07
hi all.
my favorite unit is the zone troopers, for 2 reasons they look so cool, and they have so cool abilities. ^_^

and does any1 besides me think that the nod side is lame and the mamoth is just imbalanced?
Posted by rfc2005, 15:27 08.04.07
Either Mammoth Tanks or Zone Troopers
Posted by Rob, 17:45 08.04.07
Hey Chris, good to see you're playing! Are you still on MSN? We should have a few games sometime.
Posted by Spygon, 19:18 08.04.07
no i dont think the nod side are lame i think there amazing you just need to learn how to use them also the Mammoth tnak isnt unbalanced there a lot of units that can stop them
Posted by rfc2005, 12:45 09.04.07

Originally posted by Rob...
Hey Chris, good to see you're playing! Are you still on MSN? We should have a few games sometime.

Yeah that would be cool. Next time im on MSN we should arrange it.
Posted by f1r3f0x, 16:29 09.04.07
What are the odds the raider buggy's abillity shock/emp/pulse thing will stop a tank? is it at random, percentage .. what?

any1 plays wc3 tft? battle net ?
Posted by bigguy563, 23:52 09.04.07
Attachment relevance?
Posted by ctrlstop, 02:02 10.04.07
the gdi commando, going retro, i got a present for ya, that was left handed

Posted by Agent7249, 08:21 12.04.07
For pure looks, gdi commando only that he gets fried easy by anything romotely engergy based Grin. For practicality sniper+juggernaught combo, snipers are like fodder and easy to get while juggs make both a good offensive weapon at long range and a good defencive weapon against landbased objects Happy. An all rounder that would be my fave tho is the mammoth tank or the scrins planetary assault carrier
Posted by f1r3f0x, 21:40 17.04.07
the mastermind is such a cool unit..
this whole commando issue here and how they are constructed its very RA2 like..

just that the Tanya-(nod commando here-female) is on the red side (nod..)
the boris..(only good vs buildings and infantry yet he is differnet somehow than the female nod commando)
and the mastermind(yuri..purple side -scrin..)
Posted by Spygon, 22:08 17.04.07
yes kinda of just wondering why everybody in the cnc comunity is started calling the nod commando tanya its not even in the same cnc universe.Also its a she and she blows up buildings so it must be tanya what the hell ppl no offense to you thou firefox as alot of people have already branded her as "tanya" bit no dont know why
Posted by ScorchEMD, 00:51 14.11.07
My favorite CnC3 unit is the GDI Juggernaut. I mean, lets face it, the GDI Juggernaut is THE perfect long-range infantry killer PLUS, the CNC3 expansion's upgraded version has 3 200mm RAILGUNS!!!!!Eek and if you guys DON'T believe me, LOOK IT UP ON cnc.wikia.com/wiki/juggernautGrin
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