News: Patch 1.03 Released
Started by: cncgamingsource on 02.04.07 @ 12:48 AM
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Posted by cncgamingsource, 00:48 02.04.07
guys come on please credit

Posted by Rob, 11:26 02.04.07
Jamie, no offence mate (because I appreciate you posting updates in the forum), but a patch release is hardly a big secret - I'm sure Jeremy could have noticed it on any number of sites before he posted it here.
Posted by Jeremy, 14:02 02.04.07
I got that news straight from the official website. I have never checked the forums to get my news. If I get my news from anywhere, its typically from sites like CNCDEN or PlanetCNC, and when I do, I make sure to give them credit.
Posted by cncgamingsource, 14:22 02.04.07
ok well I'm posting a review you'll not find it there Tongue