Campaign Progress?
Started by: Rob on 30.03.07 @ 11:41 AM
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Posted by Rob, 11:41 30.03.07
Is everybody doing the campaigns? How are you getting on?

I've started the Nod one and I've done around 6 or 7 missions; I'm on the South American theatre and I've just finished the Amazon lab mission.

Posted by Jeremy, 22:16 30.03.07
I have finished about 5 or 6 of the Nod missions before I decided to switch to Vista, so I may have to start over again im not sure. Had I known how big of a headache it would be, I would have gladly stayed with XP.
Posted by Spygon, 13:32 31.03.07
That was the most terrible ending to a campaign ever Angry im talking about nods what did they just run out of money or something? Eek
Posted by bigguy563, 19:42 01.04.07
I'm about 6 or 7 missions into the GDI camp.
Posted by Rob, 19:47 01.04.07
I'm on the last Nod one I think or maybe penultimate.

Spygon - that doesn't fill me with promise Unhappy
Posted by Spygon, 20:39 01.04.07
he last mission for nod is you have to protect a scrin tower from gdi but the ending is really short and abit pointless i guess if you complete the others it makes sence also like the way that on both sides your fighting in different battlefields instead of doing the same battle but from the other sides view
Posted by bigguy563, 01:22 02.04.07
Just got into the Scrin part of the GDI campaign.
Posted by Agent7249, 21:34 02.04.07
Finished the GDI campaign last night, they give you two choices, I chose the easy one Grin took me one or two tries to pick the right point on the map though, you'll understand when ye get to it.
Posted by Spygon, 22:14 02.04.07
im pushing on the gdi Campaigns about half way through i think Grin
Posted by Spygon, 12:23 04.04.07
finished gdi Campaigns did it the hard way your see what i mean on the final mission and yes that means ive done both sets of campaigns and now have the scrin Campaigns to do Grin it looks like im gunna be the first to finish all Campaigns here but the first mission for scrin will be an intresting location for the english on the board.
Posted by Spygon, 12:55 05.04.07
sorry to triple post lol but just here to say i have done all Campaigns on cnc3 now including the scrin ones Grin .My usual tatics of gut then smash seemed to help me blitz across the missions.So my review an amazing game cnc back to what it should be the story behind the mission worked really well except there should of been a few more unit videos as i love them and the endings were not that great.There deffinly pointing to a add on or new game in this universe Grin .Ill give it a 8/10 due to this ending not being what i normaly expect from c&c games but other than that a great allround game.I need to really get stuck into playing online again to give it a full review as this is only on the single player part of the game.
Posted by cncgamingsource, 23:12 05.04.07
played first time today arrived yesterday I'm at lvl 7 of nod lvl 2 gdi I like nod more played 2 times online and won both easily and I would beat you guys easy 2 Grin

I'm gonna be less active its not like you guys post on my forum in return orso