Flame Tank
Started by: Rob on 29.03.07 @ 6:52 PM
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Posted by Rob, 18:52 29.03.07
Purge them with flames!!!

I'm liking this unit; excellent against infantry and against structures; plus it clears out garrisoned buildings instantly. Very versatile.

Posted by cncgamingsource, 19:14 29.03.07
I like to attach it 2 my avatar =)
ps. any do you know how I change my countries flag? this one it wrong I'm dutch lol
Posted by Rob, 19:28 29.03.07
Jamie I've sorted it out for you.

Custom avatars are working again.
Posted by cncgamingsource, 21:24 29.03.07
ok cool how do I get this as an avatar

[url]http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h202/jamie-frank-tattersall/nod.gif [/url]
Posted by Rob, 21:42 29.03.07
Maximum sizes are 110 pixels W 60 pixels H.

Go to view profile; edit profile; avatar; custom avatar Grin
Posted by Spygon, 23:08 29.03.07
yeh i like the flame tank too very quick to the scene and great at getting rid of most infantry the also the perfect building clearer Grin looks abit weird thou
Posted by f1r3f0x, 15:00 08.04.07
although flame tank looks good and its rather versatile its very vulnerable...
4-5 shots from predator or so and its a goner.
Posted by Spygon, 19:13 08.04.07
yeh i agree it more of an quick infantry stopper then get it out of there before they can muster tanks against it
Posted by ScorchEMD, 00:41 14.11.07
In my opinoin, the Nod flame tank is a VERY usefull unit in many ways. If the Avatar Mech is avaliable, you can use the flame tank as an add-on for the Avatar giving it better AI, AB and it gets the ability to clear out garrisoned buildings. The flame tank seems to be THE perfect rushing machine against opponent's outposts and even base(s). You only need 5-10 to WIPE OUT an opposing base. In that way, it just takes all the fun out of the game.Unhappy
Posted by Spygon, 13:44 14.11.07
yeh the more patches they do the more they ruin the old c&c gameplay as they have seemed to forget what c&c multiplayer is all about sadly Angry i miss westwood
Posted by ScorchEMD, 16:55 14.11.07
yeah, I think it was WRONG for EA games to buy out Westwood Studios. Yet we can still go back to the "Glory Days" can't we?Unhappy Confused
Posted by bigguy563, 04:21 15.11.07
Well, EA managed to correct the more egregious departures from CNC brought about by Generals, but I still think having the whole support powers factor is a little un-CNC. What we need is a return to the days of RA2.
Posted by Spygon, 18:28 16.11.07
i dont mind the support powers more that you kinda forced to use only really 3 certain units per side as using anything else just get owned unlike back in the day that every unit had its purpose and was actualy good at it