Please teach me more about Zero H0ur
Started by: HangMan on 11.10.06 @ 6:40 AM
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Posted by HangMan, 06:40 11.10.06

I play CnC:Zero Hour and i use China for skirmish games.

I am often defeated by GLA, 9 out of 10 I am defeated by the same reason and same units (rocket buggy and scud launcher). I have tried many ways to attack them, but they are always out of range and i can hardly get close.

Please help me on this problem, I have lost many units just to get 1 scud launcher destoryed. The buggy is also very irritating, their missile does alot of destruction to my base, what should i do to prevent myself from being attacked by this 2 units over and over again.

Thank you for replying and even more thank you for helping me.Happy

Posted by Spygon, 11:29 11.10.06
china can build migs very early on so have them fly round the top of your base not too close to the front line or they will get shot down and get involved in base defencefights but as soon as an enemy turns up with scuds or buggies select one plane at a time and target them this should stop them before they can do any major damage i find that always works for me Grin
Posted by HangMan, 16:23 11.10.06
Thanks, but cash will be not enough if a air base were set up early, u see. i do spend cash on my base defense with a bunker with 5 Tank Hunter which total up cost 2,400 but they are more effective and a gatt canon. is there anything wrong with my defense. So i dun hav enough cash for an air base, i still need to build my army.

Is there any tactic that u can recommand for me? I was actually troubled by how to start an early base, like wad is important to b built early.
Posted by bigguy563, 01:11 12.10.06
I havent played ZH in a while, but I think China is the best off early on simply by going:

Build Nuclear Reactor and 2nd Dozer
2nd Dozer builds barracks, 1st dozer builds supply depot after reactor
After finishing barracks, second dozer goes to secondary supply dump and builds depot.
After finishing first supply depot, 1st dozer builds War Factory.
Posted by HangMan, 06:29 12.10.06
Thank You. I will try ur building tactic, but, is it ok if i dun build an airfield? i dun think i will use it often.
Posted by Spygon, 13:44 12.10.06
so if your lossing alot of units taking one out whats protecting the scuds and rocket buggies
Posted by bigguy563, 22:06 12.10.06
Also, keep in mind, if the GLA has all sorts of Artillery, should should probably be able to build ECM Tanks, though I'm not sure how effective those would be against scuds.
Posted by HangMan, 05:14 13.10.06
ECM tanks are effective, onli if the scud launcher is alone and not with other tanks, also, ECM tank is those 1-hit-and-die so it will need alot of cash. while my tanks is fighting those scud launcher, enemy will use their tank and attack me from another site, wad a headacheRoll-Eyes
Posted by bigguy563, 13:24 13.10.06
Then set up a bunker with tank hunters or 2 where they usually try to flank you. Or keep your tanks at home and use migs.
Posted by Spygon, 14:15 13.10.06
ciuld try using the chinese Artillery as that seems to work well often really the main thing you need to stop these scuds and rocket buggies is to be able to see them coming if you can do this first you have alot more time and alot more options
Posted by Castro, 07:41 13.10.07
My response to Gla's artillery is the helix outfitted with the gattling cannon it is very effective against the buggy's and scud launchers weak armor and the helix can take a beating so if there is any quad cannons out there and even better if there is more than one helix can take out quad cannons.