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Started by: thecommander on 07.12.05 @ 2:44 PM
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Posted by thecommander, 14:44 07.12.05
thres a girl in my class that i love but i'm afride 2 tell her
what i need 2 do 2 show that i love her?

Posted by jacko3334, 15:07 07.12.05
I don't often have this problem, as I'm so alluring that often girls make the first move to me, so I can't really talk from experience.

I'm not sure what setting this is in, but in most of my classes this year there was kind of a set seating plan that most people adhered to based on friendships etc. which never, ever changed. This means that you can't really go up and sit next to her for a class without making it painfully and pathetically obvious that you want to get close.

It's kind of important to know just how well you know this girl, as in if you ever talk to her at all or whatever, or you just kind of keep totally out of each other's way. If you have a pretty good acquaintance with her, it can be pretty dangerous asking her out or something as that can endanger a friendship, but if you're really willing to risk and you think it's worth it you should do things gradually. I usually go for asking them out for a coffee or something just so you can get to know each other a bit better without really feeling the pressures of a formal date or anything, and without any other distracting company.

If she doesn't feel the same way then there's absolutely nothing you can do about it, no matter how you feel about her. Well, there's always rohypnol, but that should always be used as a last resort. Also, don't let any inhibitions you might have restrict your natural character. If you're naturally good-humoured, stay that way, even for fear of making yourself look like a fool. Girls like people who can stay true to their own personalities, and respect those of others without over-hastily reaching vindictive judgements.

On those same lines, don't create a facade of any sort, the truth of your own character and feelings shines stronger than any facade of imperturbible yet fallacious brilliance which you might decide to project. Anyway, to be slightly more pragmatic, i'd advise sharing a few jokes with her or something, if you can manage that, and gauge her reaction. Also, if you know some of her interests, ask her if you can do something with her that relates to those interests. For example, if she likes sport, offer to play some with her, or, if she likes chess, offer to play that with her. Also, if she's into maths, have discussions on that, it really does work.

But the key piece of advice is definitely don't let fear distort your true personality to such an extent that it inhibits you from doing what you'd like to do, in this case expressing your genuine sentiment. If you want to show that you love her, the best way to do that is in the way that comes naturally (no, not that, atleast yet anyway) to you. Don't make something artificial, as she'll be able to see through it easily. Girls are all blessed with outstanding perspicacity which allows them to see fallacious and dissembling behaviour for what it is.

Speaking from experience, by chance once a girl from another school sat next to me during a lecture. We got talking about random things, for example how boring the speaker was, and then eventually exchanged numbers. These things have a way of sorting themselves out once the first move is made, but the key is making the first move seem entirely innocuous. Don't go for too much at once, love is something that doesn't come at once, and it'd entirely freak someone out to hear an earnest profession of love at such an, i presume, early stage.

Anyway, good luck. But if all else fails, you can get rohypnol from some dodgy chemist. I'm sure you know what it is and how to use it, a few drops of it in her drink and she'll be entirely yours. I'm not at all responsible for this if yu get arrested or anything, of course.

Also, why not put some poetry on her desk or something, I suggest something like this, or perhaps any extract from Keats.

Comfort, the very word is like a ring recalling,
tolling the sinuous sinecures of my existence.
Tenebrous turmoil engulfs. Introspection entwines with
misery. In every spindle of a chaotic macrocosm here I am left
the one question of my soul, my soultorn brevity. Indifference.
Impeopled dados of my wall, harrassing my mental toil.

Audacious appeals of outlandish austerity,
investing themselves, imbedded. Foolish temerity,
taciturn obeisance. The diametrically inverted, entwined.

the sentiment of a syllable, the sensation of a mind.
Glumness, all pervading. The horizons of eternity, the limit
of our function. Within whose entreating bourn, few vacilate.

The intrinsic elements, rendering all forlorn.
Intertwined, indispensible. Inconsequentiality.
The seeming sinuousity, dissembling diatribe of
joyousness. Futile ameloration of grandiloquence.

Protruding pinnacles of danger, rapaciously all engulfing.
Hysteron-Poteron, the tools of the Sylvan Lore. How nought, how poor.
The enjambed thoughts of tormented wandering
through the tenebrous links of lace.
For all is neither exquiste nor imperturbable.
Quare! in qua re publica sumus?

Finally, if all else fails, if you have her telephone number you can ring her and just breathe heavily into the phone. If this works, she'll be very scared and in need of some protection from the strange stalker. If all works properly, this will be you, her saviour from the rapacious fiends of a depraved society.

Posted by Jim, 16:03 07.12.05
Posted by jacko3334, 16:09 07.12.05
Posted by Paul, 17:50 07.12.05
Indecent exposure is always a great declaration of honest, passionate love.
Posted by Ash, 18:58 07.12.05
Sit next to her, smile.

Start up a conversation about something interesting. Make sure you come off as a kind, considerate person.

When she begins to reply, scream wildly and punch her in the jaw.
Posted by erikmcfar, 20:40 07.12.05
(a) there's no way you "love" this girl, extremely infatuated, maybe not

(b) Yeah, I'd just go up to her and start a conversation (during an opporpriate/oppurtune time) then if things go well ask her if she'd like to hang out some time, after class, cafe, etc. Then proceed from there with date/stuff like that.

(c) when you ask her, ask her as if its no big deal, don't be all nervous and be: "would you, maybe, possibily, if its not too much trouble" these type show lack of confidence. Just go up and make some general/obvious observation about her, then go from here.

(d) I don't know if I should be giving this type of advice
Posted by Cal, 21:30 07.12.05
(e) Erik is probably ratted so listen to him - drunk love advice is top notch
Posted by Jim, 23:00 07.12.05
Bushes + Night Vision Goggles + A tub of KY Jelly + Kleenex
Posted by erikmcfar, 01:52 08.12.05
Oh great, now every post I make will be credited as a "drunk post." ahh...I can live with it.
Posted by Chris, 13:13 08.12.05
Pfff. Drunk.
Posted by Jim, 15:03 08.12.05
An ASBO is just another way of saying "I love you"
Posted by Chris, 15:29 08.12.05
On another note, did you write all that yourself jacko?
Posted by thecommander, 18:39 08.12.05
thnx i hope this will work
Posted by small, 13:55 11.12.05
in my opinion id say just go with the advice i was given. Just speak to her!
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