GG rfc2005
Started by: Rob on 18.10.05 @ 5:00 PM
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Posted by Rob, 17:00 18.10.05
Had a good game with rfc2005 (aka Chris) on South Pacific earlier. First time we've played each other in over a year probably?

I did alright at the start, ate one of his engys and took the middle pretty easily. Then took out his MCV with a daring by-pass of his main tank force!

At this point I should have just built a few more flaks (he was starting to bring out rockies and harriers), unfortunately I thought it would be a good idea to bring out a naval yard and sea scorps instead. With too few flaks, and good rockie attacks (and those pesky paras), I lost my only refinery and didn't have any money left basically Angry

Went for my favourite tactic of putting the MCV in an amphib and hiding it, didn't last too long though!

Well played mate.

Posted by rfc2005, 17:10 18.10.05
Thanx, was a gg, well played by u2. More flaks and you could have wonWink
Posted by Rob, 18:07 18.10.05
Would Tongue