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Started by: HomeSkillet on 28.02.05 @ 1:38 AM
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Posted by HomeSkillet, 01:38 28.02.05
LOL LARGE BREASTS!!!!!! Thats probably erik in his free time.

Posted by Neo_James, 05:09 28.02.05
Heh, guess we know what most C&C fans want eh? Happy
Posted by Niels, 09:42 28.02.05
Posted by Triarii, 13:43 28.02.05
Darn, i thought i'd typed that into Google...
Posted by Chaotixs, 14:56 28.02.05
Something for ra3 in between the missions maybe..
Posted by sbutter, 22:00 28.02.05
So where are the large breasts?
Posted by erikmcfar, 23:26 28.02.05

Originally posted by HomeSkillet...
LOL LARGE BREASTS!!!!!! Thats probably erik in his free time.

Yeah dude, porn is awesome. I guess I'm so used to searching for large breasts, that I don't care to check what site I'm searching for it in.
Posted by Black_Dragon, 10:31 01.03.05
Some things never change...
Posted by FlaK, 17:04 03.03.05
Rofl, I can honestly say I didn't search for any of them. :shifty:
Posted by Cal, 00:16 05.03.05
rofl people searching for large babs and bj's!
Posted by Black_Dragon, 06:23 05.03.05
I dunno, but slap a good wig on Rob, and you might get double the search results of both words.
Posted by FlaK, 11:52 05.03.05
Posted by Cal, 13:33 05.03.05
what do you think the emergency plan was? Wink
Posted by Ash, 22:20 07.03.05
I'm going to create a mock page, so the next person who searches for "breasts|boobs|tits" etc will get a page that looks like it links to our secret porn database, when in fact it's an embedded WAV looping "I LOOK AT SPAGHETTI RELATED HORSE PORN".
Posted by Chris, 20:58 08.03.05