Christmas-theme Activity
Started by: mcdull on 19.12.12 @ 7:15 AM
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Posted by mcdull, 07:15 19.12.12
As the Christmas day is draws near, Christmas-theme activity has been on hot going in Guild Wars 2, more information can be found from mystery and adventure, gifting you with gorgeous sights and personal stories that etch themselves into your memory." Some people recognize this awards, while some people hold the opposite view. Since for a long time, Guild Wars 2 insists its style under the query and praise. It provides players PVP battlefield, and paid TVPV contest, while some people who unwilling to play this game look down upon its PVP level.

Frankly speaking, Guild Wars 2 fans feel satisfied with the game, and its PVP and WVW, I'm one of those fans. Maybe Guild Wars 2 is not the same perfect as WOW and Diablo series, ArenaNet has been doing his best to perfect its game. I believe it can achieve its target, and I hope he can release more bonus such as awesome armors and weapons because there is no Guild Wars 2 Gold for us to farm in PVP, and WVW.