File: First Strike 2
Started by: E_102_Gamma on 06.07.10 @ 1:25 AM
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Posted by E_102_Gamma, 01:25 06.07.10
This sounds more like a(n) RA3 mod than one for RA2.

Posted by Spygon, 00:20 09.07.10
It deffinly a RA2 mod you can tell from the words he is using also unless the guy actually has access to a time machine it cant be RA3 as it says it was put on the site in 2004 Tongue .
Posted by PooBear, 04:39 17.08.11
really sorry to inform you all but i must say this is the worst mod i have ever played found the A,I to be nothing less than terrible of course this is only my view so if you do like this then please disregard this post on another note does anyone know where to download original eagle red mod for RA2 (not yuri's revenge version) thanks :-)