News: My copy of RA3
Started by: Spygon on 28.10.08 @ 5:21 PM
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Posted by Spygon, 17:21 28.10.08
im still waiting on mine i hope i can pick up my copy at i35 this weekend as thats where i am going to be all weekend Grin cant wait but will suck if all my mates are playing ra3 but i cant as im at i35

Posted by Ash, 14:57 30.10.08
Buying mine today, going to be away most of the weekend but will be available to beat you after =p
Posted by Spygon, 21:09 30.10.08
im getting mine at 00:01 tommorow at i35 Grin also we get it at a discount price for being at i35 Grin and theres a nice bar in the same room this place rocks lol
Posted by Jeremy, 03:35 31.10.08
I have my copy but haven't had a chance to play it yet, I am busy promoting a story about how EA is banning people from all their games if they get banned in one game or on their forums.
Posted by Spygon, 09:32 31.10.08
what is this return of the old skool lol good see all you guys back Grin and hope you stay just weird that ra3 has managed to get you all posting at the same time for once than one person turning up then disappearing then another coming bach etc so welcome back guys and how are things
Posted by erikmcfar, 15:34 31.10.08
wow it's been a while, damn job keeps me too busy...anyways I digress, but haven't gotten yet...any reviews? I don't even know if my comp will be able to play it
Posted by Jeremy, 15:40 31.10.08
I have it installed and patched but haven't had a chance to play it yet. I likely won't get to until this weekend because of some stuff that is going on today.

From the reviews I have been reading, its been getting around an 80-85 on most sites I visit. I honestly wasn't too impressed with the beta but figured I would give it another shot, or at least enough of one to play the campaign. I will share my thoughts once I get to spend some quality time with the game.
Posted by Spygon, 18:56 31.10.08
ive been playing ut alot today at i35 its a good game and has abit more back to westwood days about it the actings isnt to great but it feels like somethings missing like the more complex parts of the game has been removed especialy in the campaign as now its always finish off your base and then build an army and then go over there and kill everybody there no real "missions" in campaign also the only one refinery to ore producer is really boring as theres nothing you can do to help or muck up your economy its like build refinery where it says then go away and build more tanks Unhappy but i still like the game its fun to play and has some classic C&C moments so i would give it 7/10
Posted by bigguy563, 21:18 13.11.08
Haven't gotten it. Don't really intend to unless I hear it's really good.
Posted by erikmcfar, 00:03 14.11.08
and people wonder why cpu gaming is dead...rather spend money on much better xbox360 games that i don't need to drop big $$$ ever year or so to just make my comp run it.