Red alert 3 a full naval war?
Started by: Spygon on 09.03.08 @ 8:44 PM
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Posted by Spygon, 20:44 09.03.08
what do people think about red alert 3 going very naval based i think this will be good if they balance it right between land forces and sea forces.But im not sure about Most of the tanks being amphibious, including the Allied MCV as i think that will be pointless as it will be like fighting on land but the whole map can be drove over."Right im off to check on my navy" climbs into his missle sub

Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 09:44 10.03.08
If anyone has noticed, none of the other games, other than Red Alert, has any dedicated sea units. Only Red Alert has sea units. EA are hoping to expand on this and make naval battle a more crucial element in the tides of war, rather than just the usual meat grinder tactics. Not only will you be able to make bases on land, you will also be able to make them on the sea too, thus the purpose of the Allied Amphibious MCV.
Posted by Spygon, 11:14 10.03.08
yeh i have always been a big fan of naval support in red alert games but if they are all Amphibious it doesnt really matter where you fight onland or offland
Posted by ScorchEMD, 11:33 11.03.08
True but I think they may just screw this opertunity up for themselves but we will just have to wait and see.
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 20:15 11.03.08
yes, we'll have to wait & see but time for me to go info hunting. To the HindenPeter!
Posted by bigguy563, 12:34 13.03.08
Should be an interesting change of pace. Even in RA2 only a few of the maps really supported naval units, and on those maps it was still usually secondary to land action. Except for depth charge and AOS. But no one likes those maps.

Anyway, someone should tell Erik about this...
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 05:14 14.03.08

Originally posted by bigguy563...
Anyway, someone should tell Erik about this...

Who's that?Confused
Posted by bigguy563, 12:32 14.03.08
Erikmcfar is a staff member who hasn't visited in a while, who was obssessed with, and very good at, naval battles in RA2.
Posted by Spygon, 19:47 14.03.08
yep i played him once on a naval map and he owned me and im pretty good at naval combat.Erik is an amazing naval commander probly one of the best ive seen
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 20:32 14.03.08
then I'll guess he's gonna love this game, as Naval warfare will be just as important as land combat, as I have stated earlier.
Posted by erikmcfar, 05:58 12.05.08
I'm very excited! Although, I hope that this third side isn't completely inept on land.
Posted by Spygon, 18:13 18.05.08
i think the 3 sides will have to be quite equal on land and sea if it isnt thats going to be abit stupid and abit unfair as i hope they dont have to patch the game as much as cnc3
Posted by erikmcfar, 02:52 19.05.08
Hopefully they are a bit patient after implementing some changes from the beta, which starts 15 september. If you look at the trailer, it says "red october" which to me means an october release date, imo, this would be stupid, wait until later nov/early december work out a few more bugs and get a better product the first go 'round.